Here’s The Secret Behind Fit & Healthy Rishi Sunak!

The Secret Behind Fit & Healthy Rishi Sunak!

Rishi Sunak has created history by holding the position for the first time as someone of Indian descent. 

On Diwali, the 42-year-old was unopposed chosen to lead the ruling Conservative Party and become the country’s next prime minister. Rishi is a fitness enthusiast whose morning routine might serve as a great encouragement to individuals who prefer to be active and healthy aside from his well publicized political trips. He spoke candidly about his wake-up time, training regimen, and breakfast preferences on The Twenty Minute VC podcast last year, among other things.

A few things that keep Rishi Sunak fit and healthy! 

1. He is a huge fan of Cody Rigsby

He is a big fan of American fitness trainer Cody Rigsby, who Rishi described as “certainly my long term favorite, which means you have to listen to a lot of Britney (Spears).” However, I suppose there is nothing wrong with making an effort to motivate you. Recently, I’ve been trying to diversify.

2. Believes in Intermittent Fasting 

The current British prime minister acknowledged intermittent fasting when discussing his breakfast preferences. He rarely eats anything for breakfast. On the other hand, throughout the week he prefers Greek yogurt and blueberries. 

Additionally, for a mid-morning second breakfast, choose from a chocolate chip muffin, a pain au chocolat, or a Gail’s cinnamon bun. In other words, he does occasionally like a chocolatey, sugary pastry. Additionally, he needs something sweet in the middle of the morning.

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3. Occasionally, he does prefer full-cooked breakfast 

On Saturdays and Sundays, they rotate between pancakes and waffles for breakfast because he enjoys a fully cooked breakfast on Saturdays. The American-style pancakes that we make are crispy and baked with blueberries and strawberries. Every week, we eat pancakes or waffles. said Rishi.

4. A fitness freak! 

Rishi Sunak is surely a fitness enthusiast! One time he revealed that he does a mix of treadmill, HIIT and Peloton. 

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