Here’s our Roundup of Instagram Fashion Influencers you should follow

Instagram Fashion Influencers

Why do we love a good fashion influencer? Because they’re fun to follow. They show us a lifestyle to target, rather than just a couple of silly trends. The best fashion influencers give us a peek into their choices and encourage us to make our own. They add their own individuality to any trend. Most importantly, they are the best source of recommendations for new stores or products. After all, we never know if something looks good on us without trying it out first. Instagram is teeming with the hottest fashion influencers on the planet. Be it Kim Kardashian or even the fashion blogger next door. Everyone has something to share.

The world of fashion is open to experimentation. And it is largely influenced by personal choices and perspectives. But how do you tell the difference between phony and genuine fashion bloggers on Instagram? Here’s our roundup of some of the best Instagram fashion influencers worth following:

1. Shraddha Singh:

Shraddha Singh is a beauty and fashion influencer from the Netherlands. She is a Software Engineer turned model/influencer, mom, and beauty guru. She goes by the name KikiandShrads on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Shraddha has appeared on fashion magazine covers like Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan. She has even attended the London Fashion Week. She shares her insights and experiences with motherhood online. Not to mention adorably cute photos and videos of her toddler. Shraddha likes to give a peek into her family, her personal spaces, beauty, and styling tips to her followers. Moreover, she has 300 Mn views on her YouTube channel and 710k followers on Instagram.

2. Muskaan Chanchlani:

The sister of famed YouTuber Ashish Chanchlani, Muskan’s YouTube channel Miss McBlush is popular for its makeup tutorial videos. Muskaan shares beauty product recommendations, and posts about her beauty routines. Also, she occasionally features in funny videos alongside her brother. Moreover, Muskaan has 1.62 Mn subscribers on YouTube and 282k followers on her Instagram.

3. Thejaswi Nayak:

Thejaswini Nayak is a beauty and fashion influencer from Bangalore. She has 32.3k followers on her Instagram. Thejaswini shares her single-mom lifestyle with her followers. She posts empowering messages for women and single moms out there who have a hard time battling society’s stereotypes. She was recently featured on Humans of Bombay and She The People TV for her inspiring story. Moreover, Thejaswini provides affordable and easy styling and fashion recommendations and tips. Also, she has a pretty toddler who is her partner in crime.