Here Is Why Travis Scott’s Concerts Are Considered To Be Dangerous

Here Is Why Travis Scott's Concerts Are Considered To Be Dangerous

Travis Scott is an American Rapper who is popular all over the world for his music. We also know him for his relationship with Kylie Jenner. But recently there were nearly eight deaths in his concert. Meanwhile, there were hundreds who were injured in the event. People who died were between the age of 14 and 27. This happened at the event called Astroworld music festival. This is an annual music festival which is hosted by Travis Scott and is held in Texas. There have been lawsuits filed against him and organizers for not conducting the event safely. Scott also said that he is absolutely devasted by hearing the news.

travis scott astroworld concert disaster

Why Travis Scott’s Concerts are Deadly

Meanwhile, the New York Times called Astroworld music concert “One of the Deadliest Crowd control disasters“. Travis is known for pumping up the audience with rage and asks his fans to ignore the security. His concerts are popular for high-end productions and overly excited crowds. His fans stage dive and he even encourages them to do mosh pits. In a documentary, a fan had said that he is one of the artists who manages to vibe with the entire crowd. He called his interaction with the audience “Raging”. This has gotten him to trouble numerous times and even caused multiple lawsuits too.

In 2015 at Lollapalooza he had encouraged fans to jump rush to the stage by jumping the barriers. This encouragement of rage actually caused problems in the end. It led to a stampede and ended by causing a 15-year-old to be trampled. Also, this even led to him being in probation for a year. But again in 2017, he was arrested after performing a show. Despite past records, the recent show turned into a tragedy. Kylie Jenner took to Instagram to offer her condolences to the ones who lost their loved ones.

the reason behind chaotic and deadly astroworld disaster

Twitterati on Travis Scott

Many users expressed what they felt about their tragedy on Twitter. They said Linkin Park, Adele, Harry Styles have stopped their shows to protect their fans. Travis Scott needs to take notes on how they treat their fans in concerts. Also, there were tweets all over the internet along with videos of other artists who helped their fans out in different ways possible. We are hoping such incidents don’t happen in the future. Concerts are the places when people enjoy the music and vibe with it. It’s a happy and entertaining place to be. But when these places turn out to be deadly, the organizers must take extra care in such matters.

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