Here Are Top 5 Facts About Rap Mon You Need To Know!

Rap Mon

BTS’s fan base continues to grow. Music and dance skills aside, the group’s friendship and dedication have won hearts all over the world. Unknown to many music fans, BTS has a leader who helps make important decisions for the band. Kim Namjoon, also known as Rap Mon and RM, is the member in question. BTS’ ARMY is well-aware of some of RM’s quirks and qualities in addition to being the group’s leader. 

Here’s a list of some unknown facts about Rap Mon! 

#1 He gave a speech at the UN

BTS is known for their strong message of self-love and accepting oneself for who you are. Unsurprising, then, that BTS was invited to participate in UNICEF’s Generation Unlimited youth initiative. Speaking for the band, RM gave a speech at the United Nations headquarters in New York City as its spokesperson. Since Kim Namjoon is the only BTS member who is fluent in English, he ended up giving the speech while the remaining members stood behind him.

#2 Rap Mon was an underground rapper before joining BTS

BTS’s rap line includes RM. As part of the group’s music, he is known to rap a lot. But before joining BTS, RM was a rapper in the underground. ‘Ratch Randa’ was his name.

#3 Rap Mon is known as ‘God of Destruction’

The ARMY has given each member of BTS a nickname. RM, Rap Mon, Joon, and Kim Namjoon are some of the singer’s other nicknames. God of Destruction because of his propensity to destroy and break things due to his sheer incompetence. The same has been documented in a number of YouTube videos.

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#4 Want to know the secret of Rap Mon’s youthful skin? 

Although all of the members of BTS have enviably dewy skin that makes headlines, RM is anxious about his face drying up and breaking out in zits. “I definitely agree [that skincare habits are a kind of self-care],“ he told Allure in 2017. Mediheal is my favourite brand, and they have a variety of sheet masks to pick from after a long day at work.” 

Fun fact: A collaboration line with BTS has been created by the famed Korean sheet mask brand, allowing Army members to mimic their idols’ skincare routine. 

In the many BTS videos posted, fans have also noticed chemist goods like Physiogel Daily Moisture Therapy Cream and Nivea Fruity Shine Lip Balm as part of RM’s grooming arsenal.

#5 His IQ level is 148

It is commonly known that RM has a genius IQ of 148. When he’s not performing, rehearsing, or working in the studio, he works off some of his tremendous mental energy by visiting museums and galleries. During BTS’ two-month tour break in late July, he stopped by the Arario Gallery in Cheonan, Korea, to see Damien Hirst’s 1999 sculpture Hymn.

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