Health Workers Are Constantly Being Harassed – Who Is Accountable?

Health Workers

Health workers all over the world are constantly working towards saving the lives of millions of people. On the other hand, we hear new reports of doctors being harassed every day based on false assumptions or even a rumour. Is this fair to them? Is this what they deserve after working hard each and every day for all of us? 

Yes, there are always two sides to the coin. Regardless the constant reports are disheartening to many people all across the country. According to reports, doctors have been spit on and chased out of houses, and patients have used abusive and filthy words toward female nurses on one occasion. 

Credits- Economic Times

However, all of this because of their exposure to Covid-19-infected patients, several physicians and their families have been shunned by their neighbours.

Back in 2020, In the central city of Indore, a mob threw stones at two female physicians wearing personal protection equipment, according to a video that has gone viral. When the doctors arrived in a densely populated neighbourhood to check on a woman suspected of carrying Covid-19, they were ambushed.

Despite being injured, one of the doctors was seen in the video. Named, Zakiya Sayed, said that the incident “won’t deter me from doing my duty”.

“We were on our usual round to screen suspected cases,” she told the BBC. “We never thought that we would be attacked.”

“I had never seen scenes like that. It was frightening. We somehow fled from the mob. I am injured but not scared at all.”

Dr Sayed, one of the health workers added: “We had no reason to suspect that people would be agitated against medical teams.”

“We health workers are working to keep people safe. We had information about a person coming in contact with a Covid-19 patient and when we were talking to the person when residents got agitated and attacked us.” (Source: BBC News)

Recently, Dr Seuj Kumar Senapati, a COVID Care Centre (CCC) employee in Udal, Assam’s Hojai district, is the victim of such an incident. On Tuesday, 1 June, he was battered and battered mercilessly with kitchenware and brooms by a mob that included family members of a deceased patient.

By the morning of June 2nd, police had detained 24 people in connection with the case. Himanta Biswa Sarma, the Chief Minister, condemned the attack in a tweet. “Such barbaric attacks on our frontline workers won’t be tolerated by our administration,” she tweeted.

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Dr Senapati was quoted saying, “The attendant of the patient came to me saying the patient is serious. Moreover, he has also not passed urine since morning. I went to the room and found that the patient was dead. Furthermore, as I broke the news to the attendant, another relative started abusing me.”

Moreover, IMA President Dr JA Jayalal condemned the situation. He said, “On one side, people are passing ill comments on doctors. Additionally on the other side, people are physically assaulting them. Also, hospitals should be announced as a protected zone so that doctors are secure. We demand a stringent Act to prevent such incidents.”

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