Batch Of 2021: HDFC Bank Job Advertisement Was A Typo Mistake

Batch of 2021

Students of batch of 2021 have already suffered from learning and mental health issues due to online classes. Additionally, the pressure of finding jobs has only added to their burden. They are anxious about the prospects of employment during the prevalence of covid-19, and online learning has not been as beneficial for many.

Amid such problems and confusion, one of the country’s most popular banks, HDFC bank, recently released a job advertisement in the newspapers. The ad read that the graduates of 2021 are not eligible to apply for the job. Netizens were quick to reply to the ad, and it did not take long before people’s Instagram account stories were filled with this advertisement.

Besides, the ad was about a walk-in interview, and anyone below the age of 28 was eligible to give their interviews. Moreover, the company was taking interviews for the position of Branch Sales Officer. The students were disappointed with the advertisement. Meanwhile, netizens who could not stop themselves from sharing started making memes on this ad.

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“Batch of 2021 Can Also Come For Interviews”

Following the talks on Twitter and other social media accounts, a spokesperson finally spoke on this issue. He added that it was a mistake from their end, and 2021 graduates are also eligible for giving the interviews. Besides, he also said that the students who graduated in 2021 also gave interviews in Madurai. He shared that it was a typo, and students are free to come for the interviews.

Moreover, anyone can glean from this incident that the agency responsible for this recruitment drive did not perform its duty well. The latest copy now includes the batch of 2021. And reads that they are good to give the interviews and don’t have to worry.

Students refer to the 2021 batch as the covid batch. Additionally, it has gone through a lot in the last few years since the pandemic. With two years of studying online, sitting at home, students are in doubt of their future. Admission processes, especially in foreign universities are worrying the students.

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