Happy Birthday Zayn Malik: Here Are 5 Best Hairstyles Of The Singer You Can’t Miss

Happy Birthday Zayn Malik

Happy Birthday Zayn Malik! Zayn Malik, a British singer and former member of One Direction, celebrates his birthday today on January 12th. 

The musician, who previously made headlines for all the wrong reasons, is now focusing on his career. 

While his relationships have soured, he continues to have a large fan base and receives all of the love and admiration he deserves. Zayn, in addition to being a fantastic vocalist is also a die-hard fashionista. Moreover, he is an expert when it comes to the art of red carpet attire. Also, he has hairstyles every guy inspires from.

Zayn Malik, a multi-award winning recording artist, is a musical superstar. Malik is often one of the most successful British artists of our day. 

He has been recognised for his different hairstyles and dress choices, making the “World’s Sexiest Men” list on multiple occasions. Even if you don’t like his songs, Zayn Malik’s hairstyles will undoubtedly inspire you.

We don’t know if it’s down to him being outspoken and trendy or if his stylists and team are just outstanding, but Zayn continues to come with look after look giving stunning men’s haircuts consistently. 

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So, in this blog, we’re going to show you the top 5 of Zayn Malik’s finest haircut designs that you can take inspiration from. 

The Ultimate Blonde Look

This is Zayn Malik’s most well-known signature style. Moreover, it is one of his favourites. 

The stylish look is not easy to achieve; it necessitates the appropriate styling and attitude. Moreover, this famous look can be achieved with a crew or buzz cut as a base, or with blonde highlights, if desired. 

Fade Hairstyle 

With his incredibly fashionable appearance and attitude, Zayn Malik manages to pull off this fade hairstyle quite effectively. 

Also, the unkempt hair in the crown area is pretty captivating, and he looks dashing in it.

Purple Hues 

Even though Zayn Malik’s 2017 haircut was nothing more than a normal crew cut, the ex-member of the boy band One Direction dyed it light purple.

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The Silver Hair 

We are envious of Zayn’s ability to pull off amazing haircuts. Also, Zayn Malik’s hairstyle brilliantly blends a taper, an undercut, and the silver hair men trend.

Ultimate Pink 

As you can see, Zayn Malik’s haircuts are distinguished not only by the manner they’re cute but also by the colour they’re dyed in. 

Moreover, Zayn wasn’t the only one who managed to pull off a difficult colour. His hair used to be pink, but that didn’t detract from his masculinity.

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