7 Things Books Lovers Do That Makes Them Different

Book Lovers

Book lovers are just like everyone else. They go around and have fun, attend parties, watch movies, go to places. However, there are specific characteristics that one can find only in book lovers. 

Additionally, you can find the bookworms more in bookstores and libraries than in any other place. While most of us find libraries silent and boring, they find peace and even themselves in there. 

We will look at some of the things that book lovers do and celebrate their reading habits. 

1. Notice The Difference Between Movies And Books

If you are watching a movie adapted from a book, be sure to hear the changes between the two from your bibliophile friend. They notice every detail and will tell you how Harry Potter movies don’t do justice with the books.

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2. Take Books For Every Trip

Yes, they can’t stay away from books and take them along with themselves. They find books comforting. Besides, instead of watching movies on a trip, they find themselves reading lines of Ghalib and Gulzar.

3. Feel Lost After Finishing A Good Book

Book Lovers

Finishing a good book is always heavy for a book lover because reading a book is like knowing every character as their friend. So when they complete the book, they don’t know what to do now, except they find another one to dive into.

4. Daydream A Lot

They get so much into a character that sometimes they end up imagining them in real life. And nothing can really stop them from doing so because they won’t listen to anyone and imagine having conversations with them.

5. Love Libraries and Book Stores A Little Too Much

Book Lovers

Their love for libraries and bookstores is immense. It actually feels like they can spend their whole lives inside these places and read all the books. Additionally, if you know a book lover, you know that they will carry you to the bookstores, and that is when they will have the best time.

6. Love Hard Copies More Than Kindle

No, they are not fans of kindle. They need to smell the books first and then enjoy the reading process. While slowly people are turning to kindle, but for some, nothing can ever replace hard copies.

7. Read Several Books At A Time

They can read more than one book at a time and that too of different genres. They enjoy books around them, and this is proof of it. 

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