Gujarat: Thousands Of Devotees Defy Curbs To Gather At A Temple


Hundreds of devotees gathered in Gujarat for a religious event which aims at “eradicating coronavirus.” Moreover, Covid-19 protocols were blatantly flouted. After a video of the religious procession went viral, the police swung into action. 

On May 3, the incident occurred in Navpura village, Sanand taluka, Ahmedabad district. Police have detained 23 people, including the village chief, on suspicion of flouting the COVID protocols. 


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In the video you’ll see hundreds of women walking towards Bailyadev temple with water pots on their heads. Some men are also carrying these pots to the top of the temple and emptying them, according to the insights in the video.

According to a police officer, villagers in Gujarat think that this religious procession will eradicate coronavirus if they pour water on Bailyadev temple.

KT Kamariya, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Sanand Division, said, “Women here gathered in large numbers carrying water pots. A police team rushed to the spot on the same day and arrested 23 villagers and including the Gafabhai Thakor for organising this event.”

However, the accused have been charged with breaching a police notification that too on public meetings. Under Section 188 of the Indian Penal Code, as well as the Disaster Management Act and the Epidemic Diseases Act, according to KT Kamariya.

The State of COVID-19 in Gujarat 

The state registered 13,050 new cases on Tuesday, bringing the total to 6,20,472. Also, 131 deaths were reported. And it brought the total death toll to 7,779, according to the state’s health department. Moreover, after 12,121 patients were discharged, the rehabilitation numbers jumped to 4,64,396.

The state’s current recovery rate has increased marginally to 74.85 percent. Gujarat has 1,48,297 active cases, according to the health department. A total of 1,27,03,040 people have been vaccinated in Gujarat. Moreover, 26,82,591 has received the second dose of COVID-19 vaccines. Also, total of 52,528 people between the ages of 18 and 44 were vaccinated on Tuesday. 

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