Is Bursting Crackers Allowed At Your Place This Diwali?

Bursting Crackers

Diwali is just here, and states have announced several restrictions on bursting crackers. Known as the festival of light, Diwali will be celebrated all over the country on November 4. However, before the festival, the Supreme Court and different states and union territories have decided to restrict bursting crackers. The Supreme Court has already said to put on a ban on crackers. The highest court in the country has said that bursting crackers are a cause of air pollution.

Many states have said that people can burn green crackers in India. Additionally, there will not be a total ban on crackers, as told by the Supreme Court.

Check-in what are the different restrictions on bursting crackers in your area

The Delhi Pollution Committee has put a total ban on crackers in Delhi. Additionally, there is a ban on all kinds of crackers till January 1, 2022. The Delhi Environment Minister has also informed that firecrackers and smoke from stubble burning cause significant issues in the National capital.

In West Bengal, it was first announced that people could burn green crackers on Diwali evening. Moreover, people can also burn green crackers in the morning hours in Chatt Puja from 6 am to 8 am. However, now a complete ban has been put to burst crackers. Uttar Pradesh, too has banned all firecrackers in the NCR and cities with poor air quality.

Coming to Maharashtra, the state government has asked people not to burn crackers and follow covid protocols.

Other than Jalandhar and Mandi Gobindgarh, Punjab has not banned the crackers for two hours on Diwali. People can burn green crackers only in the state. In the union territory of Chandigarh also, there is a complete ban on bursting crackers. In Karnataka as well, people can only burn green crackers. Additionally, only green crackers are on sale in the markets and a complete ban on any other crackers.

In Puducherry, sellers are selling crackers at subsidised rates. In Rajasthan, there is a complete ban on crackers. Green crackers are good to burst in the state except for the regions under the National Capital Region.

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