Grandparents Day 2021: 3 Much-Loved Disney & Pixar Grandparents

Grandparents Day 2021: 3 Much-Loved Disney & Pixar Grandparents

Its Grandparents’ Day 2021! Grandparents are special because they are fun to hangout with and shower us with love affection, food, and warmth. They also love to get into child’s play and secretly handover magical nuggets of wisdom that remain with us forever.

Our grandparents are the key to unlocking the secrets to our ancestors. They show us the way to find ourselves, to know who we really are. And the most-loved Disney & Pixar movies have famous grandparents who showed the way for their grandchildren and in a way were the real heroes. Here are 3 adorable Disney & Pixar grandparents who we loved more than the real heroes and sheroes in animated movies.

1. Mama Coco and Abuelita:

Miguel’s grandmother and great-grandmother from the movie Coco were much-loved and very adorable. Although Miguel’s grandmother ‘Abuelita’ did forbid him from pursuing his passion for music, she was only trying to protect the family and warmed up to him in the end. On the other hand, Mama Coco was a silent spectator throughout the movie but turned out to be the biggest link for Miguel to unite his ancestors in the ‘Land of the Dead’. Both Mama Coco and Abuelita exude love especially when Abuelita loads Miguel’s plate with a ton of Tamales, forcing him to eat.

2. Gramma Tala, Moana:

The character of Gramma Tala in the movie Moana is mysterious, much-loved, warm, and kind. She sings to Moana and encourages her to take the voyage across the Ocean. She also gives her hints about her purpose and after she passes away, Gramma Tala returns as a giant Manta Ray to guide her on her journey. Moana and Gramma Tala share a special bond and she is one of the best animated grandparents ever.

3. Carl, Up

The movie Up was a heartwarming, tear-jerking love story of Carl Fredricksen and his beloved wife Ellie. Although they couldnt have kids, their long and happy marriage had a sad ending when Ellie dies and Carl is left alone. But in the later part of the movie, we see the adorable friendship blossom between Carl and Russell, a young boy who is also a Wilderness Explorer. They go through unimaginable adventures together. Carl was no doubt, a very loving grandfather figure to Russell and a much-loved Disney grandparent.

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