Enjoy An Animated Cake Doodle As Google Turns 23


Google turns 23 today,i.e., on Monday, and the search engine is celebrating its day in the most animated way. The search engine has a doodle on its homepage, which shows a cake with “23” mentioned on the top. Additionally, the search engine releases interactive doodles on various important occasions.

The company’s foundation was initiated in 1997. However, it was only on 27th September 1998 that it came into use. Currently the world’s largest search engine, it was Larry Page and Sergey Brin who founded it. Additionally, its current CEO is Sundar Pichai, an Indian who completed his undergraduate studies at IIT Kharagpur. Larry Page then became the CEO of Alphabet, the parent company of Google. However, now Sundar Pichai is the CEO of Alphabet as well.


Google has reach heights that no other search engine could have thought of during its initiation. Besides, its competitors Yahoo, Bing are left way behind when it comes to the number of searches and the users. Every day, it witnesses billions of searches in almost 150 languages, which is itself enough to state the extent of its use.

Google Is All About Dreaming, Believing And Doing

In the current world, there is no more fantastic resource than Google and its services like Gmail, Google Drive, Google Photos, among many others.

In a piece of information that not all of us may know, Google was known by a different name during its starting days. Instead, its original name was BackRub, when it came into existence in the Stanford College way back in 1996.
The starting of Google is enough to tell all the dreamers that big things may start small, but they turn into the big ones if you believe enough. Now, one of the most beautiful offices globally, Google’s first office was a garage, and that too of a friend. Additionally, that friend is now the YouTube CEO.

What started 23 years back in college has now become the best search engine in the world. As Google celebrates its 23rd birthday, we wish it a very happy birthday.

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