Ghar Waapsi: Warm, Tender and Relatable Series That You Must Watch

Ghar Waapsi: Warm, Tender and Relatable Series That You Must Watch

Do you have siblings that relocated to another place for school or work? Do you long for them? Or perhaps you’ve become used to their absence. Do you find it annoying when they meddle with your life or when your parents’ focus shifts to them around holidays or festive occasions? The relationship between siblings might best be described as bittersweet. When they’re present, they’re a pain, and when they’re gone, we miss them. The most recent web series on Disney Plus Hotstar, Ghar Waapsi, brought back memories of my brother’s relocation away from home.

Although having the entire space to myself at first was pleasant, ultimately, the emptiness began to stalk me. And it wasn’t just me; even he struggled at times to adjust to a new city. Not to mention his parents, who worried about him but kept their feelings inside since they wanted him to succeed in his work.

The six-episode series introduces us to a family of five that includes their chulbuli, carefree sister, their controlling yet loving mother, their happy-go-lucky father, and a son who returns to Indore after losing his job in Bangalore.

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After being fired from his job, Shekhar Dwivedi (Vishal Vashishtha) returns to his home in Indore. Watching Shekhar look for work again while struggling to adjust to his family and the quirks of each member of the Dwiwedi household is a little tiresome due to the sloppy writing in the first two episodes. However, Tatsat Pandey and Bharat Misra, the writers, eventually grasp the script.

As the episodes progress, the programme transforms into a tapestry of tales, taken on the lived-in experiences of the director and writer Ruchir Arun. These stories are heartfelt, humorous, kind, and moving.

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Actor Atul Srivastava portrays a kind, unfussy father in the series who wouldn’t fit in with conventional Bollywood dramas. He doesn’t mind that Shekhar left the house because he wants him to achieve his goals.

Vishal Vashishtha, who plays Shekhar, perfectly captures the annoyance of a corporate employee while also being a “bada bhai.” Anushka Kaushik and Saad Bilgram successfully capture the tone of younger siblings. You’ll love Vibha Chibber as the mother. You want a friend like Ajitesh Gupta since he is so nice and loving, like Shekhar’s best friend.

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