Gentleman Rahul Dravid becomes the ‘Angry Gunda of Indiranagar’: Creators behind the Ad – Watch Video!

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Rahul Dravid is a gem of a human, an exceptional sportsman, and a gentleman at best. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that he lives in Indiranagar, the heart of Bengaluru city. For the uninitiated, Bengaluru traffic is infamous for provoking road rage even in the most docile human being. Just a few minutes right in the middle of a traffic block in Bengaluru city can make anyone see red. The angst of taking the road in Bengaluru can trigger the foul-mouthed ‘gunda’ in anyone. And it can turn them into furious beats of destructive abuse.

That is exactly what happened in CRED’s brand-new ad featuring Rahul Dravid. Viewers were in for a shocking new persona of this very talented but gentle cricketer. We saw Rahul giving a piece of his mind to uncouth drivers on the road. He broke a few things with his bat, and even went on a mad rant while sticking his head out the window.

The ad instantly became a hit and as expected went viral.

CRED’s string of successes:

It seems like CRED’s string of successes won’t cease anytime soon. The credit card payment company recently became a unicorn and has received millions of dollars in funding.

And now they’ve come out with this ad which is pure marketing genius on their part and an instant talking point for everyone.

The ad also features Jim Sarbh, the Parsi actor from Mumbai popular for his on-screen presence as the maniacal hijacker in the movie ‘Neerja’.

This isn’t the first time that Rahul Dravid has impressed his fans with his ad film success. In the era of television, way back when there was no Internet, Rahul Dravid had once made similar waves with his breakthrough Kissan Jam ‘Jammy’ ad where he had sported a bald look.

Take a look at that ad here:

The creators behind CRED’s latest ‘Gunda’ ad with Rahul Dravid playing the ‘Gunda of Indiranagar’ include the likes of Tanmay Bhatt. Also, the former content creators of All India Bakchod (AIB) including Devaiah Bopanna, Puneet Chadha, Nupur Pai, and Vishal Dayama have worked on it. The Ad is directed by Ayappa aka Robert Dogman. The timing of the ad is brilliant since its right when the new IPL season is here which has only added to its success.

Reactions have been pouring in with clever tweets coming in from Zomato as well as hilarious reactions from Twitter users. Check them all out below:

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