Chief of Defence Gen. Bipin Rawat And 12 others Die Due To Helicopter Crash

Chief of Defence Gen. Bipin Rawat And 12 others Die Due To Helicopter Crash

Chief of Defence General Bipin Rawat is no more as the helicopter he was travelling in met an unfortunate crash this Wednesday afternoon. The incident took place on Wednesday near Coonoor, Tamil Nadu. The helicopter had almost 14 people in it. The army chopper crash was unexpected and an inquiry will be made on the case. Meanwhile, there is one male survivor who is being treated for severe burns. Also, the people who were in the helicopter included the Chief’s wife, his Defence Assistant, security commandos, and Air Force personnel.

This crash has made the entire nation go into silence. All the bodies have been burnt and are almost unidentifiable. A DNA test will be done on these bodies and will be later sent to Delhi for the last rites. The reason for the crash is still not definite and it will be investigated. There are speculations that the weather might be the reason for the chopper crash.

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The chopper crashed after it took off from Sular, Coimbatore which is the Air force base. They were leaving for Wellington which is located in Nilgiri Hills. The helicopter was going to land in just 10 minutes but the chopper met a crash. Also, what’s surprising is that the helicopter they were travelling in is extremely safe and is used for VVIPs. Several formal chiefs of defence have offered their condolences too. Due to the force of the Chopper crash, there was a sudden outbreak of fire too.

Chief of Defence Gen. Bipin Rawat

Bipin Rawat is a four-star general of the Indian Army who was appointed as Chief of Defence on 1st January 2020. He was the first Chief of Defence of the Indian defence force. The General hails from Uttarkhand and his family have been serving in the Indian Army for several generations. Meanwhile, he has been serving in the army for almost 40 years. Also, in his long career, he has received several honours from the Government of India. At the age of 63 due to this unfortunate incident, he claimed his last breath. His wife also took her last breath on the same helicopter.

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Mil Mi-17 Helicopter

This helicopter is Russian made military transport. It is a version of Mi- 8 and is used for rescue missions, fire support and arms transport. Also, this chopper is known for being the most advanced military transport helicopter in the entire world. This military helicopter has features such as multi-function displays, night vision equipment, onboard weather radar and an autopilot system. The maximum capacity which this chopper can carry is almost 36 armed soldiers.

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