3 Funny Luxury Handbags that are worth a bomb.

Luxury handbags

Luxury handbags are a mystery. Mainly because they are a go-to investment option for the rich. And because they are priced more than some of us poor folks’ mortgage, annual income, and if we can say it, our lifetime bank balance. But, ridiculous as they may seem, they’re still a reality and they show up in the news for being even more bizarre than needed.

1. Ananya Panday’s ‘Baalti’ bag:

Ananya Panday, an easy-peasy target for trolls was trolled yet again, for her bucket-style handbag that she flaunted at an event. It was real funny to see her carry around what looked like a miniature bucket that’s commonly seen in middle-class Indian bathrooms. But it happens that this tiny little thing that’s supposedly a bag costs a real bombshell – $5995, that’s 4 lakhs 93 thousand bucks!

Called ‘Khloe’s Pot of Gold’ by Judith Lieber, this bag was designed in collaboration with Khloe Kardashian. We don’t really know much about the utility of this bag and whether really anything fits into it. But we sure do know now that it’s way beyond our league.

2. Chanel Doll Bag:

Names like Chanel are often seen in the news but their products never fit into normal human budgets. Isha Ambani, daughter of Mukesh Ambani flaunted a funny looking doll shaped clutch bag at the Met Gala 2023. Priced at an insane $30550 which is 25 lakhs, it’s studded with crystals and pearls and really doesn’t even look the size of a decent clutch. Although it appears to be more of an accessory, it sure is funny and expensive at the same time.

luxury handbags

3. Gucci Jackie 1961 bag:

Luxury handbags

A picture of Alia Bhatt carrying a transparent Gucci handbag floated on the Internet, and naturally questions were raised regarding the utility of a bag that’s see through from the inside out. The Gucci Jackie 1961 handbag comes with a bombshell of a price tag of $2950 which is INR 2.43 lakhs. Funny indeed!