Four More Shots S3: What’s Even New?

Four More Shots

So the girls have returned a third time with their problems. Four More Shots S3 on Amazon Prime is incredibly addictive—or should we say was—despite its many flaws. The thing is, it always feels wonderful to delve into the flashy existence and problems of Siddhi, Damini, Anjana, and Umang. This is probably because not all of our lives are as privileged and convenient. Season three, though, just seems lost and uninterested.

Siddhi (Maanvi Ghagroo) received the heartbreaking news of her father’s passing in the previous season. She is so upset as a result that she is constantly snapping at people and destroying relationships. After the miscarriage, Damini (Sayani Gupta) is traumatized and unintentionally pushes Jeh (Prateek Babbar) away. Anjana (Kirti Kulhari) has been able to clean up the mess she made with her coworker, but Varun has caused her personal life to remain chaotic (Neil Bhoopalam). Umang (Bani J), meantime, leaves Samara (Lisa Ray) behind to open her own gym.

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Everything you just read has already occurred in seasons past. Therefore, Damini and Jeh’s relationship continues to face challenges and, like in a corny play, even sees the entry of a new interest. Siddhi is still figuring out her life, and it has gotten messier as a result of her poor handling of the death of her father. Since the first season, the plot of Anjana has never developed past Varun. It’s always the same!

The performances continue to be the same as before. As Damini, Sayani Gupta keeps it fashionable and messed up, Maanvi Ghagroo shines once more, Bani J is the same, and Kirti Kulhari needs more dramatic sequences to demonstrate her talent. While playing a man-child, Neil Bhoopalam is quite endearing. As usual, Rajeev Siddharth plays Mihir. Jim Sarbh comes in like a breath of fresh air, but nothing happens after that.

Watch the new season to find out for yourself.

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