Five Cheapest Urban Destinations For Your Vacation


Vacations used to be our break times before the pandemic. However, we all have been at home since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. If you are looking for cheap places to stay for a short vacation after a long time, you are at the right place. Additionally, countries have started to open their borders for tourism. Moreover, with the current scenario, the cities will start opening again in a short period.

Different cities across the world will be good for your eyes and your pockets. Recently, a survey was conducted by Bounce to look for the cheapest urban destinations around the world. Bounce is a famous luggage store and took this survey to tell you about these beautiful urban cities which can become your favourite vacation spot after the pandemic.

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Besides, this survey is based on five different parameters- meal prices in different restaurants, hotel tariff, public transport fees, price of a bottle of wine, and beer. According to the survey, these five parameters are the essential things one considers in a trip or vacation.

Here Are The Cheapest Urban Destinations Across The World For A Vacation

Buenos Aires

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The cheapest urban city in the world for a good vacation is Buenos Aires. The capital city of South American country, Argentina, is the cheapest urban city for having a good time. The city offers excellent wine to the tourists along with cheap public transport. Hence, these form the primary reason why the Argentinian city is at the top of the survey.


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The second city on the list is the largest in Turkey, Istanbul. The place is already famous for its culture and history. Moreover, people love it for its cheap public transport as well, and thus it could be your next vacation destination.

Rio de Janeiro

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Rio de Janeiro, the capital city of Brazil, is already a famous tourist spot. The city offers the best beers at the most affordable prices. Besides, Rio de Janeiro is already known for its beautiful beaches, which form a great place to be after the Covid-19 pandemic ends.

St. Petersburg

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The fourth cheapest urban city to spend a good time at is St. Petersburg. St. Petersburg is a beautiful city in Russia. It is famous for its royal gardens and stunning buildings.


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Lastly, Krakow is fifth on the list. Moreover, it is one of the most beautiful cities in Poland. Tourists arrive at this city to witness the Polish culture and artistic beauty.

The same survey also tells that Zurich is the most expensive city for tourists.

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