First Look of Mahabharata Series Being Released on Disney+

First Look of Mahabharata Series Being Released on Disney Dropped

The story of Mahabharata will stay relevant forever. It has never lost its charm or significance in any manner. The producers of Mahabharata on Disney+ are Madhu Mantena, Mythoverse Studios, and Allu Entertainment. The story of Mahabharata has been told and retold too many times. Yet there is something in this story that makes us watch it again and again in new versions. Also, it is now beyond the fight of the brothers for the throne. Hrithik Roshan himself tweeted about the stunning first look of the new Mahabharata Series.

First Look of Mahabharata Series
image credits : Disney Hotstar

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Stunning First Look

The first look of the series was graphically excellent and looked quite promising as well. Many of us have already seen the other versions of the Mahabharata story on television. But we are excited to see what new changes this show brings out for the audience. Also, on the other hand, this show will be a way to tell our Epic Tale to Audiences all over the globe.

Marvel mahabharath on Disney
image credits : Disney Hotstar

We are all aware that every character in Mahabharata has something to give you in the real world. Meanwhile, there are so many layers of both good and evil in the same person. The learnings we get from the story are so very relevant to today’s world. The story is beyond the war between Pandavas and Kauravas. Every character in the story is known to have its own complexities. We all feel this show will receive love and support from the audience as well. Along with that, they have a huge responsibility to execute the storyline in the right way.

Indian mythology mahabharath on Disney
image credits : Disney Hotstar

Other Versions of the Mahabharata Series

In 1988, the Mahabharat series was aired on Doordarshan. It almost had 94 episodes and the show ended in the year 1990. BR Chopra produced the show. Meanwhile, his son Ravi Chopra was the director of this show. Also, in 2013 a show with the same title was aired on Starplus. Also, this is now available on Disney+ Hotstar as well. It became popular in every Indian household. There were other versions as well. Now we are all excited to see what Disney+ has in store for us.

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