First Death Reported In China Due to Monkey B Virus

Monkey B Virus China

China has reported the first death of Monkey B Virus(BV) victim who contracted the virus by dissecting two dead monkeys. He was a Beijing-based veterinary surgeon according to China CDC Weekly. He was working on research on nonhuman primates. The victim showed symptoms of nausea and vomiting just after a month of dissecting the monkeys. A month later he had a fever and neurological symptoms followed. He took his last breath on May 27, China CDC Weekly revealed on Saturday. 

His cerebrospinal fluids were tested in April and he was identified with the virus. Also, they had collected several specimens including blister fluid, blood, nasal swab, throat swab, and plasma to further identify the cause. The institution conducted four sets of RT-PCR to detect BV, varicella-zoster virus (VZV), monkeypox virus, and an orthopoxvirus. But, the sample tested positive only for Monkey B Virus. The victim’s close contacts tested negative for the virus.

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The weekly also said that Monkey BV may be a threat to primate veterinarians, animal care personnel, or laboratory researchers. There is a need to eliminate the virus during the development of “specific pathogen-free rhesus colonies”, Also, to strengthen surveillance in laboratory macaques and occupational workers in China, Reported Journal.

Few Insights about Monkey B Virus

  • The virus was isolated in 1932.
  • Transmission of this virus is generally via direct contact and exchange of bodily fluid secretions.
  • Virus is not so evident in its natural host that is a macaque. Meanwhile, about 60 cases of pathogenic zoonotic BV infection have occurred. There is around 70%–80% of fatality rate. 
  • Also, this virus invaded the central nervous system when transmitted to humans. National Library of Medicine had published a report on this.
  • After exposure to the virus, The symptoms usually develop around 1-3 weeks.
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Monkeypox virus detected in Texas

We are still in the middle of an ongoing pandemic. But, there are new diseases/infections coming up every now and then. On July 15, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Texas Department of State Health Services confirmed a case of human monkeypox in Texas. There is a monkeypox victim On July 15. The victim is a US resident who traveled from Nigeria to the United States recently. 

Monkey virus b death in china

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