Father Stan Swamy- An Activist And Accused Of Violence Dies At 84

Father Stan Swamy

Father Stan Swamy, an accused in the Bhima Koregaon case, died at 84 years of age on Monday at a hospital in Mumbai. The Jesuit priest and known as a tribal activist, Stan’s death has invited opinions from across all the boards.

The political parties are not falling behind in expressing their outrage over the death. Moreover, many call his death an “institutional death.” Stan Swamy was suffering from sickness for a long time, and he was denied bail because of his unlawful activities. He was an accuse under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act. However, he was finally put on the ventilator on Sunday but could not survive.

And his bail plea remained pending...: 84-year-old Father Stan Swamy dies  in Holy Family hospital

Dr. Ian Dsouza, the Holy Family Hospital medical director, said that the primary reasons behind Stan’s death were pulmonary infection and Parkinson’s disease. Moreover, he also added that his lungs suffered from post-covid effects.

Stan Swamy was a tribal activist in Ranchi and worked for their welfare for thirty years. However, the NIA accused him of working with the Maoists. Besides, the NIA also claimed that Swamy was working as a cadre with the Maoists. The NIA also said that Swamy was receiving funds from the Maoists.

Political Parties Hold The Central Government Responsible For Father Stan Swamy’s Death

Besides, the NIA said that the violence near the Koregaon Bhima war memorial was triggered by the speeches in the Elgar Parishad conclave. . The NIA also arrested many others for their unlawful activities in this case. A total of 16 people arrests happened in the violence.

View: India bails itself out with Stan Swamy's death - The Economic Times

Political leaders took no or little time to comment on Father Stan Swamy’s death. Rahul Gandhi took to Twitter to give his condolences to the deceased. In addition, he said that Stan deserved more humaneness as well as justice. His sister and Congress leader, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, also tweeted, “A humble tribute to Father Stan Swamy.” She added that it unfortunate that a person who served the poor and tribal throughout his life and became the voice of human rights, he was denied justice and human rights even in the hour of death.”

Political parties have also come forward to say that the central government should be responsible for Father Stan’s death. Moreover, they also condemned the judges who did not provide bail to him.

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