Eternals Review: Was It Too Much For A Single Movie?

Eternals Review: Was It Too Much For A Single Movie?

This is one of the biggest movies of the year 2021. Marvel has had numerous releases this year after the Covid 19 hiatus. There were many series released on Disney+ along with movies such as Black Widow and Shang Chi. Marvel Cinematic Universe welcomed a new family of 10 superheroes along with the latest Blockbuster Eternals. This is the debut movie of this new franchise.

As most Marvel fans already know that any debut movie in MCU always lacks compared to the other movies of the franchise. The cast of Eternals included Angelina Jolie, Kit Harington, Richard Madden, Gemma Chan, and several others. This movie deals with the origin story of Eternals and how they are connected to the Celestials and Deviants. Here’s our honest review of the movie Eternals

Visually Stunning Experience

Directed by Oscar-winning Chloe Zhao, this movie is visually stunning and is a must-watch experience. The direction of the movie is splendid. The lighting, screenplay, and cinematography are rich and give you an MCU experience. The powers of Eternals shown in this movie are pretty fluid and a treat to the eyes. They have done it beautifully and given you a rich experience. In our opinion, all the powers and strengths of superheroes are shown perfectly and it grabs our attention as the audience.

Eternals gay scene

Moreover, it was nice to see Marvel being open about the sexuality of Superheros. We got to see a perfect healthy gay relationship and a cute family too. The actors also have given a stellar performance and played a positive part in the Eternals review. Be it Gemma Chan or Richard Madden, they have portrayed their roles in the most natural way possible. The plot twist was a shocker but executed well.

What’s Missing?

Eternals makkari and druig

The writing is one significant part of the movie which is weak. Also, the movie felt a bit long-winded as the run time was about 155 minutes. Meanwhile, they started the movie by giving us a brief introduction to the characters such as Eternals, Celestials, Arishem, and Deviants. But this could have followed the Black Panther intro. The attempt of trying to explain the plot, multiple times, feels unnecessary. We lacked an emotional connection with the characters as the audience. Efforts they put to show the background of all 10 characters and to show the chemistry between them are applaudable. Meanwhile, we still felt there was something missing. This Marvel movie unfortunately didn’t have a villain. There wasn’t a mainstream villain which is something MCU marvel movies usually has.

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The Final Eternal Review

Eternals deviants fight scene

The movie had its epic moments. The plot twists were the least expected. Meanwhile, the lack of a villain makes the movie a bit off. The first half of the movie has not many moments but the second half is pretty stocked and crowded. Also, the fighting sequence is just magical and the use of powers is visually appealing. The writing was a bit out of line. The length could have been reduced. The deviants could have been more focused. Also, some scenes are unnecessary. But these characters might be of great importance in the coming MCU movies. The end credit scenes are worth waiting for and make this movie a must-watch for MCU fans. For a regular viewer, this movie may not be of great significance. Watch the movie for a cinematic experience and give us your own Eternals review in the comment section.

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