Doctor G: Ayushman Khurrana As A Male Gyno Has An Important Message For Us

Doctor G: Ayushman Khurrana As A Male Gyno Has An Important Message For Us

Fans of Ayushmann Khurrana are in for a treat as the trailer for his newest movie, Doctor G is here. The actor will play a medical student who is placed in the gynecology department in the movie. He makes a concerted effort to switch to orthopedics but believes it is a profession more suited for women. The events that follow are hilarious and a little cringe-worthy as he accepts the role only to later put a woman’s life in danger due to his disinterest in the position. Anubhuti Kashyap makes her directorial debut with the movie, which also stars Shefali Shah and Rakul Preet Singh.

A man beats Ayushmann in the opening scene of the Doctor G trailer for touching his wife during the examination. He then continues begging with and requesting his female peers to switch departments. How would he treat organs that he doesn’t have? was his defense. He receives a reality check from a woman who claims that because he lacks a spine, he will never succeed in ortho. This woman is probably his girlfriend. He returns to Dr. Nandini’s class feeling defeated (Shefali Shah). Dr. Nandini advises him to remove his masculine touch if he wants to succeed as he tries to blend in with his prejudiced patients and prejudiced female coworkers.

Watch the trailer of Doctor G here:

You will either chuckle or grimace at the bad comedy in the following few minutes of the trailer. Nipple se doodh nikal raha hai and Ladkiyon ke gupt ang dekhte ho are two examples of dialogue that sound a little offensive. In her role as his love interest and a fellow doctor, Rakul Preet Singh urges him to spank her right away. She makes an attempt to deliver Ayushmann on camera alongside other female doctors in another scene. 

Overall, the movie seems to be just another Ayushmann comedy. Moreover, the focus is on current topics served with humor as ways.

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