Do Smoking and Alcohol Have An Effect On Your Sex Life?

Do Smoking and Alcohol Have An Effect On Your Sex Life?

Pleasant sex Life is something which everyone desires. Alcohol has become part of the modern lifestyle. In present-day, most adults drink alcohol occasionally. Consumption of alcohol affects the decisions of the person. It also influences one’s mood. It can make the person feel elevated or otherwise. Meanwhile, nicotine makes the brain release adrenaline which makes the person feel energetic. It also creates a buzz that is pleasurable making the person want to smoke again.


Effects Of Alcohol

Alcohol has the capacity to lower one’s inhibitions. It also increases the person’s sex drive. They tend to feel more confident and sexier. But on the other hand, it actually shows adverse effects and worsens sex life. It makes the person feel aroused but decreases the response in the genitals. Too much consumption of alcohol often leads to no or very less orgasm. The genital response is very low if the consumption of alcohol is too high.
Female self-lubrication tends to be extremely low due to this. All though one may be feeling aroused but bodily functions tell otherwise.


In men, too much consumption of alcohol may cause problems in getting an erection. It is said that alcohol increases angiotensin in one’s body which leads to erectile dysfunction. On the other hand, alcohol delays ejaculation too. Meanwhile, few may ejaculate a bit too quickly due to more consumption. Although alcohol helps in increasing sex drive and makes one feel they are having a great time. Definitely Alcohol acts as a blockage for a person to feel sexual pleasure completely.

Sex And Smoking

Blood circulation is affected by smoking which leads to heart complications and stroke. This affects blood flow to the genitals which may cause problems with erection. There are a few cases where smoking has caused permanent erectile dysfunction. It also reduces men’s sex drive. In women, the fertility window decreases too. They tend to experience menopause much before healthy women. They experience less arousal and a lack of self-lubrication during the act. One’s fertility is also affected due to smoking and can be impaired permanently.

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