Diwali 2022: Here’s How You Can Ensure Your Pet’s Healthy And Safe

Diwali is a festival marked by a lot of activity. Food, friends, family, and fireworks are a necessity. Noise, adjustments to everyday habits, and more people living there come along with this. Your pets may become rather confused by all of this and experience nervousness, mishaps, and other concerns. This Diwali 2022, let’s make sure your pet’s mental health is a priority.

So let us look at a few ideas to make sure this Diwali 2022 is just as pleasurable for your pets.

1. No crowd, please!

Even if walking your dog is a part of your everyday routine, around Diwali, the streets are packed with people and firecrackers. Due to their enhanced sense of hearing, loud noises impair their ability to hear, and crowded settings make them anxious.

2. Stick to the routine 

Pets have a set routine that can be stressful for them if disturbed. Maintain their playtime, eating schedule, etc. Changing their routine can cause tension and anxiety. Additionally, it is crucial that you spend time with your dogs each day to reassure them of your affection for them and to calm them down.

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3. Keep noise at bay

Avoiding loud noises is the easiest approach to keep pets quiet during Diwali. To establish a soundproof environment at home, make sure to close the doors and windows. Ear muffs are another excellent noise-canceling option.

4. Watch out for warning signs 

Take your pets inside if they are normally kept outside or on a leash at the gate so they may stay away from the street noise. Fireworks can produce a deafening noise. A distressing experience for your pet is leaving them alone or unsupervised.

5. Keep them calm and relaxed 

Give your pets a calming massage. Because of their natural relaxing properties, oils and balms made from hemp are excellent for massages. Ask your veterinarian about melatonin-containing medications if the stress and anxiety become intolerable. Melatonin can help your pet with anxiety.


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