Diwali 2021: How Well Do You Know the Festival Of Lights?

Diwali 2021: How Well Do You Know the Festival Of Lights?

We all grew up waiting for Diwali, to light lamps and burn crackers. Somehow Diwali was one of the festivals we began preparing for weeks ago. We bought new clothes and gifts. We begin our day with an oil bath which most of us are not so fond of. The customs vary from state to state. “Deepavali” means row of lights. The lights personify the victory of good over evil. Diwali 2021 is going to be held on the 4th of November. Every year the date varies as it falls on the 15th day of the Kartik month of the Hindu calendar.

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Story Behind Deepawali

This festival celebrates Lord Ram’s return from Lanka to Ayodhya after a splendid victory against Raavan, King of Lanka. This also marks the end of his 14-year exile. He returns along with his wife Sita and brother Lakshman. To celebrate his return, the entire kingdom was lit with diyas and rangolis. This tradition is practised till today. Every year, on this occasion we light lamps and decorate our houses. We clean our houses the previous week all set to celebrate this festival with full celebration. Also, we put rangolis in front of our homes and fill our houses with flower garlands on this auspicious day.

Five Days Of Diwali Explained

The first day of Diwali is also called Dhanteras. This is the day when we worship Goddess Lakshmi. On this day there are customs of purchasing something valuable and precious. People clean and decorate their house on this day. The second day is widely known as Naraka Chaturdashi or Choti Diwali. This is the day on which people apply oil and take bath. Its significance is to remove all our sins and impurities. Everyone wears new clothes and lights diyas on this day.

Diwali festival bhai dooj

Lakshmi Puja is on the third day of Diwali. This is the main day of the festival and it is believed that Goddess Lakshmi is going to enter our homes and bless us with fortunes. This is the day when we exchange gifts and burst crackers. Meanwhile, Govardhan Puja or Padva is on the 4th day. This is the day when Lord Krishna defeated Lord Indra by lifting Govardhan Parvat. People with cattle at home worship them on this day of the festival. The last day is Bhai Dooj. On this day, sisters invite their brothers home and celebrate the Tilak ceremony. While brothers gift their sisters on this day. We hope Diwali 2021 will bring Joy and happiness to everyone’s life.

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