Did Marvel Officially Take One Direction Star Harry Styles In Eternals?

Did Marvel Officially Take One Direction Star Harry Styles In Eternals?

Marvel is all set for its next blockbuster Eternals. This new superhero movie has a strong cast and is already creating a lot of buzz. This movie will be officially out on the big screen on 5 November 2021 all over the world. The entire fandom got really excited when Marvel announced Eternal’s official release date. This is going to bring the next era of superheroes to the MCU. The Cast were all present at the movie premier. During the premier, there was excitement in the air since there were speculations about the end credit scene. Harry Styles was seen in the end credit scene of Eternals at the premier.

Harry Styles as Eros?

Marvel did a great job of keeping Harry Styles being a new member of MCU under wraps. Meanwhile, this new movie is yet to hit the theaters. But during the movie premiere in LA, Marvel let out some of the secrets. The One Direction star is officially part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He will be playing the role of Eros. As most of you already know Eros is the brother of Thanos. He will be seen in the end credit scene of Eternals movie. Eros is more often known for being the God of Love and Sex. Meanwhile, The entire MCU Fandom is excited for the addition of this new character. We are pretty excited to see Harry Styles In Eternals.

The Eternals

This is going to be a completely new addition to the already existing Marvel Cinematic Universe. A complete set of new superheroes which we were all waiting for a pretty long time. The cast of Eternals includes many blockbuster stars. From Angelina Jolie to Game of Thrones stars such as Richard Madden and Kit Harrington will be a part of it. We also have Kumail Nanjiani, Lauren Ridloff, and others. It will be exciting to see the new superheroes and what they have in store to save this planet. We will also get to see celestials in this movie too.

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The trailers, cast, and storyline look pretty impressive. We will get to see them save this planet from deviants who are going to be introduced on screen for the first time. As it’s a Marvel movie, it’s kind of obvious that we will have some of the best action sequences along with great CGI which will be a treat to our eyes. And the excitement to see Harry Styles In Eternals post-credit scene also makes this movie even better. Can’t wait to see what they have in store for us.

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