Did Loki Exceed our Expectations? Wrapping Up Season 1

Loki Season 1
Loki: Wrapping Up The Season 1

Marvel Cinematic Universe has wrapped up its third series from Phase 4. Loki was introduced in MCU through Thor (2011). Despite being the Antagonist, he has always been one of the charming characters in the franchise. He has been killed several times, but always somehow survives, apparently that’s what Loki’s do! Loki’s character was always very interesting. He always had his charm but also taught us that the God Of Mischief can never be trusted. So Phase 4 was kicked off by Wanda Vision, which left us all in tears, confusion. The Duo of Falcon and The Winter Soldier was phenomenal. So let’s see if Loki crossed our expectations in the sixth episode Season 1.

Loki Season 1
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Let’s Dive In

Glorious purpose

Just a reminder to all of you. During the time travel mania in Avengers End Game, Loki escapes with the Tesseract. So it all begins here. Can we just appreciate that we got an entire series all because Hulk was made to take the stairs? He lands in a desert and gets captured by TVA: Time Variance Authority. The emotion they show on the screen is heartwarming. Mobius Interrogating Loki was kinda heart wrenching to all of us. Discovering so many Infinity stones on the desk, left Loki shocked and we were all stunned. They ended the pilot episode perfectly by keeping the mystery of Variant intact. Perfect start for Loki Season 1

Loki Season 1
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The Variant

If one Loki wasn’t enough, MCU told us that there are variants of Loki. In episode 2, Loki was a hero but he was a villain too. That’s confusing I know! He betrayed his partner Mobius and we all got to know who was causing the chaos in the Sacred Timeline. Loki and the variant engage in a fistfight which was fun to watch. And of course, the variant is Lady Loki, Sylvie. MCU maintained suspense through the entire second episode. Good going for Loki Season 1.

Loki Season 1
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Later in the series, Loki and Sylvie are Trapped on an apocalyptic moon with a dead TemPad. They have to find a way before everything is destroyed. The way they open up with each other makes the episode deep. It is also revealed that Loki is Bisexual and is Marvel’s first lead bisexual character. A truth about TVA is revealed here that, everyone in TVA are actually Varients. Every episode ends with a big question which makes the series even better.

Loki Season 1
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The Nexus Event

In the fourth episode, we get a glimpse of Sylvie’s childhood in Asgard. She didn’t even have to do anything to cause the nexus event. Seems like she being born was the nexus event and she strongly has a reason to hate TVA. Humor is added to the episode when Mobius puts Loki in a time loop along with Lady Sif. When all of them go to meet the timekeepers, they realize timekeepers do not exist. They are just mere androids. Loki gets pruned by Ravonna and the end credit scene makes the episode one of the best among the last four. 

Loki Season 1
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Journey Into Mystery

The void shows us it’s just not two Loki’s, we have many more to see. Bringing up Mobius back made all fans extremely happy. So a team is made up to bring down TVA. Mobius teams up with Sylvie, Loki, Kid Loki, and Classic Loki to liberate other variants from the lie they have been living till now. But for all this to happen, They need to bring Alioth down. In the final show-down episode, Loki and Sylvie meet the person who is behind the TVA.

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For All Time. Always.

Meanwhile, Mobius goes back to TVA to meet TVA Judge, Ravonna. But it’s still unclear if she will help Mobius or get in his way. So Loki and Sylvie meet “The Kang”, He Who Remains. Despite multiple attempts to kill him, Sylvie fails. There is a bit of history less in this episode. Loki sides with Kang, but after a kiss between him and Sylvie, she sends him back to TVA and slays The Kang. Chaos erupts. Multiple timelines are opened. Loki walks near Mobius and tries to explain what happened. But Mobius doesn’t remember him. So we can say that he was sent to a different timeline. So many questions! This all ties up to Doctor Strange 2 and Wanda Vision Finale. And stay Tuned for Loki, Season 2.

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