Did Hindusim Inspire Marvel Eternals Franchise?

Did Hindusim Inspire Marvel's Eternals Franchise?

Eternals released all over the world and fans are having mixed reactions about the movie. Although the direction is incredible and the visuals are stunning, the writing isn’t as good as we hoped. We felt that the movie was stretched too long and a lot of effort was put into the character’s connection with the audience. We are still coping with the loss of Iron Man and Captain America. It will take time for MCU fans to adjust to newly introduced characters in the MCU universe. Eternals is the storyline of 10 superheroes who were sent by Celestials to protect the Earth against Deviants. This is the first movie and there are many more sequels of Marvel’s Eternals to come in the future.

Arishem and Hindu Mythology

Arishem and Hindu Mythology

Arishem is the celestial in Marvel’s Eternals. In the second half of the movie, we understand that he created Eternals as well as the Deviants. We also come to know that he is the creator as well as a destroyer. This reminds us of Brahma who is the creator of the universe according to Hindu Mythology. Meanwhile, we associate Shiva as the destroyer. We might see that in the next sequel when Arishem comes to Earth and decides its residents’ fate. The celestials have this godly nature and are powerful beings in the cinematic universe. We are hoping to see more of them in the coming Eternals sequel.

Eternals Characters and Similarities

We saw that Sersi had complete control over the molecular structure of any element. She could convert any substance to the material she wanted. She even turned a deviant into a tree. Also, she is so powerful on the other hand even compassionate towards mortal beings. This is similar to the Goddess of Fertility which is Parvathi. Phastos is all known for his tech skills and his technological advancements. Meanwhile, this reminds us of Viswakarma who is a craftsman God.

Thena eternals goddess durga

Gilgamesh has superhuman strength, stamina, agility, and quick reflexes. Also, Hanuman’s power is similar to Gilgamesh and both are light-hearted beings. Meanwhile, Thena who is also known as the Goddess of war reminds us of Goddess Durga. The rage and fierce nature are something they have in common. Ajak has healing power which is similar to an avatar of Vishnu Dhanvantri who is the god of medicine.

gilgamesh eternals hanuman

Representation of India In Eternals

Representation of India In Eternals

Marvel Cinematic Universe has a huge fanbase in India. Most of us grew up watching Iron Man in his suit and Thor wielding his hammer. But this time MCU’s Eternals has represented India in the movie. We got to see Sersi and Ikaris wedding which takes place as per Hindu traditions. We got to see a glimpse of a Bollywood movie set in the film. It’s nice to see Marvels representing other countries as well. Also, this year we got Asia’s First Marvel Superhero movie Shang chi too.

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