Decoupled: R Madhavan And Surveen Chawla Shine Through The Humour!


Decoupled showcases a marriage of an unpleasant bestselling pulp fiction author and his successful venture capitalist wife has fallen apart.

They squabble and she is irritated by his continual moaning and arrogance, while he clings to the last sliver of affection. 

Shruti (Surveen Chawla) describes her spouse as a ‘self-absorbed, egotistical “a****hole.’ R Madhavan’s Arya is all of these things. Shruti is referred to as the Taliban by their daughter Rohini (Arista Mehta) at home. He’s the hip dad who lets his child call him by his first name and teaches her computer hacks, while she’s the evil cop.

Decoupled is far from the first streaming series to focus on the struggles of an urban Indian couple. However, it makes history in more ways than one.

To begin, the leading duo of Madhavan and Chawla is a breath of fresh air; unlikeable and surprising. They appear to come from very different worlds, but they somehow work together – this is true of both the performers and the characters they portray. 

The show is entirely in English, not even Hinglish, yet that does not seem out of place given that it is set in Gurgaon’s affluent environs. In reality, the film’s only Hindi speakers are the maids and drivers, and the makers employ language in an intriguing way to highlight class disparities.

The hilarity of Decoupled is based on reactions, particularly Chawla’s, rather than lines spoken.

The actress’s face is a gallery of expressions that can say a lot with a simple eye-roll. Shruti is a beautiful, clever, and incredibly successful businesswoman, and Chawla nails every note, particularly when she lets her guard down in rare moments of weakness.

Despite the fact that they rarely interact on film, her chemistry with Madhavan is apparent in their continual verbal sparring. In terms of the actor, this is most likely the most fun he’s ever had on screen.

Madhavan portrays Arya with the zeal of a youngster from the backbenches, a notorious troublemaker.

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