DC Has Announced Bisexual Superman Comic And We Are Beyond Excited!

Bisexual Superman Comic

In an upcoming issue, Superman DC Comics will disclose that their new Superman is bisexual, making a bold statement. So, now we all will witness a bisexual superman comic and this will be the first superman comic book that will showcase superman’s son as bisexual.

For anyone unfamiliar with the current DC Comics continuity, there are now two Supermen in action. One of them is Clark Kent, who first appeared in comic books in 1938. Jon Kent, his kid with Lois Lane is the second. Essentially, Jon was Superboy for a while before his father persuaded him to take up the mantle of Superman as well. 

When Jon develops a relationship with an up-and-coming journalist named Jay Nakamura in a future issue, he will follow in the footsteps of his father.

According to a DC Comics statement, the two first became friends while Jon was attempting to maintain a covert identity as a high school student. However, in issue #5 of “Superman: Son of Kal-El,” the two will share a kiss when Superman becomes psychologically and physically exhausted from saving everyone he can.

This is what Tom Taylor has to say about Bisexual Superman Comic

“I’ve always believed that everyone needs heroes and that everyone deserves to recognise themselves in their heroes. Moreover, I’m thrilled that DC and Warner Bros. share this belief,” writer Tom Taylor said.

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“Superman has always been a symbol of hope, truth, and justice. Today, the sign has taken on a new meaning. More people may now identify with the most powerful superhero in comic books.” 

“I’m tremendously thrilled to be working alongside Tom on the ‘Superman: Son of Kal-El’ series’. It shows Jon Kent confronting his complex modern life while simultaneously protecting the planet from its greatest challenges. Even more the villains, and menaces,” said artist John Timms.

Moreover, the new Superman DC is not the first comic book hero to come out as a part of the LGBTQ+ community.

The imminent disclosure will be a watershed event in comic book history. As he is one of, if not the most, well-known superheroes in existence.

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