Dating Trends Of 2022: What’s Dating Going To Be Like?

Dating trends of 2022

The pandemic has altered practically every aspect of our lives, including travelling, working, drinking, and even dating. That had also impacted dating trends of 2022.

When Covid struck, most of us who use dating apps noticed a huge increase in swipes. And, with new contagions emerging every day, dating trends such as ghosting, benching, and holiday favourites like snow-globing or cuffing have made daters realise that being single is preferable to being with someone just to get through the holidays or difficult times. 

People have grown significantly more selective, and individuals put a lot of thought into their swipes whether it comes to dating or finding a match using a dating app.

Check out these 5 dating trends of 2022!

1. Breadcrumbing 

Breadcrumbing is described as ‘the act of sending flirty, but non-committal text messages’ (i.e breadcrumbs) in order to seduce a sexual partner without exerting much effort. That’s not a good idea! Don’t be like this duck! 

Getting to know someone who appears to be a little evasive? Perhaps you’ve received enough messages to be confident that they’re still interested. After all, if they didn’t like you, they wouldn’t message you, would they? 

In actuality, even if they have no intention of forming a relationship, those who breadcrumb want to keep you engaged.

Dating trends of 2022

2. Situationship 

A situationship is a romantic connection that exists before or after the DTR (defining the relationship). 

It might be transient, such as after a few dates with someone but it’s still too early to talk about relationship status, or it can be the definition of the relationship, such as if you’re in a city on a short-term assignment and start seeing someone casually.

3. Love Bombing 

Excessive attention, praise, and affection are used to make the recipient feel dependent and obligated to that person, which is known as love bombing. 

And, as the recipient, love bombing feels great because it gives you a rush of dopamine and endorphins. You feel important, needed, loved, useful, and deserving, all of which contribute to and boost a person’s self-esteem.

4. Submarining 

Submarining is a type of ghosting in which a person disappears for months. Moreover, only to resurface months later—possibly just as you start recovering from the dilemma of ghosted in the first place. It’s bad dating etiquette, and more than a few people are likely to have seen a submarine while in lockdown.

Dating trends of 2022

5. Orbiting 

When you break direct contact with someone you’re dating but continue to engage with their content on social media, it’s orbiting. You like what they publish on Instagram. You’ve marked their tweets as favourites. You keep an eye on their Snapchat streaks.

Is it a healthy thing to do man? 

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