Dal Makhani Ice Cream Roll? What The Hell Is Happening!

Dal Makhani Ice Cream Roll? What The Hell Is Happening

Dal Makhani Ice Cream: The internet is responsible for giving us vital information, yet it can also occasionally be a strange place. People engage in all kinds of bizarre behaviour and use the internet to belittle others. 

How is it possible to leave off the bizarre and repulsive food combinations that people cook? Many of these combinations, including the chocolate paani puri and sandwich with ice cream, have made us gag in the past. This time, a further fusion let the netizens down. Moreover, by ruining their opportunity to enjoy a dal makhani ice cream roll.

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You did read that correctly. Rather than being served with hot and fresh naan or chappati, dal makhani is now enjoyed as a frozen ice cream roll. At least by some people! A chef is seen creating this dish in a video posted on Instagram by well-known food blogging site The Great Indian Foodie.

Here is the video of Dal Makhani Ice Cream Roll

The chef pours the hot dal onto a cold pan of the ice cream roll machine. Moreover, taking the culinary experiment to a whole new level. He meticulously blends it all together before adding some cream. The chef distributes the smooth paste across the pan and scrapes three rolls out of it after it has reached the desired consistency. He serves the finished product with a naan slice and onions.

The internet is in shock by the viral video of this strange food pairing. The video has received about 262K views and has been making the rounds on social media. Many others have also voiced their opinions in response to the video. When will you stop uploading such content, a user asked in a comment. I might just puke, what is this, said a second user who approached the screen. “Stop this foolishness whoever is doing it,” a third user remarked.

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