COVID-19: Support Your Mental Health During These Challenging Times


We understand that these are extraordinary times. Sitting at home and learning o much going on outside can be difficult. COVID-19 has put us all through a lot. We must put in extra effort to effectively control our emotions. Expect a lot of conflicting emotions. Naturally, when we see new headlines, we experience anxiety and possibly panic.

We’ve listed down a few tips which will help you cope with the situation better.

Stay ‘Physically’ Safe From COVID-19 Virus

In this case, the most important protection behaviours (physical distance and handwashing) that reduce COVID-19 virus transmission are also important for anxiety management. When you have the opportunity, stay at home. When outside the house, wash your hands thoroughly and regularly.

Limit Media To Reduce Anxiety

Limit your COVID-19 media consumption to no more than twice a day (for example, looking for updates in the morning and before dinner), and stop reading about COVID-19 right before bedtime. Make a promise to yourself not to forward (and therefore spread) disturbing news to your friends and family.

Work Well From Home During COVID-19

Working from home might be unfamiliar territory for you, and it can present its own set of challenges, especially if you live in a small house with children. Don’t plan to be as productive as you usually are. We’re both busy and trying to deal with a new way of life while still supporting others. If at all possible, lower your targets for routine work that isn’t urgent.

Eat Well

Our mood is aided by good nutrition. Stress makes us crave comfort foods, and high carbs and sugars have a negative effect on our mood. A Mediterranean diet has been linked to improved mental health and stress resilience in many population-based studies, while a fast-food western diet has been linked to depression and anxiety. Where possible, try to stock your kitchen with fresh produce, frozen vegetables, and whole foods.

Keep Experimenting!

Try your hands-on cooking, baking, painting. Do some crafts to keep yourself busy and healthy. This is a good time to improve your skills and you must use them wisely.

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