Coldplay x BTS collab: Single ‘My Universe’ drops

Coldplay x BTS collab: Single 'My Universe' drops

BTS and Coldplay have their very own fanbase. BTS’ Army was over the moon as the world-famous boy band recently received diplomat status with brand new passports by the South Korean Government. More good news follows for BTS Army and Coldplay fans as both the boy bands have collabed together and released a new single titled ‘My Universe‘. The BTS My Universe release date was today and the song dropped this morning.

A love song

The brand new love song was released with lyrics both in English and Korean. Chris Martin, the lead singer of Coldplay sings the English lyrics while BTS follows with lyrics in Korean. Fans of both bands have been in a frenzy since the single sure has rocked their world. It’s a soulful love song meant to imbue happiness in the minds and hearts of listeners.

The song is the perfect cultural fusion of South Korean and British music. It has both Coldplay and BTS vibes which is a double bonanza for fans of both bands. The English and Korean Coldplay My Universe lyrics gel well, and it’s definitely a party track. My Universe is a synth-pop song and is for everyone. The lyrics speak about the coming together of two lovers despite all odds. In a way, it’s a reflection of the unimagined collab between the soft rock and K-Pop boy bands from disparate cultures.

My Universe is a part of Colplay’s new album

The new single is a part of Coldplay’s new album titled ‘Music of the Spheres’ which is dropping on the 15th of October. My Universe will be the second song on the album in the BTS Coldplay collab.

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The BTS vibe

My Universe is yet another song that will have non-Korean BTS fans humming to Korean lyrics in no time. There’s an amazing rap interplay between the BTS singers Suga and J Hope to look forward to. Songwriting credits are shared between Coldplay and BTS’ rappers J Hope, Suga, and RM. BTS complements Chris Martin’s soulful vocals with their subtle and strong singing. Sing along to the lyrical video here:

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