Cinderella 2021: A Twist In The Fairy Tale

Cinderella 2021

We all grew up watching Disney princesses and Cinderella is one of the characters that’s close to our hearts. We had a soft corner for this character as she was being tortured by her stepmother and her stepsisters. Cinderella 2021 has broken stereotypes. Ella played by Camila Cabello is really passionate about designing and making outfits. And she is more enthusiastic to become a Designer rather than having a happily-ever-after ending with the Prince. Also, the stepsisters aren’t that mean and cruel in this movie.

The twist in this fairy tale is really appreciable and positive. But the movie wasn’t that satisfying to watch. The visuals were stunning and the choice of songs was on point. This was a musical movie, but it felt overcrowded with the melodies. The older version never showed the backstory of the stepmother. Here, we are made to feel pity for her too. But she still sees each of her daughters as a way to elevate her family’s social status. The idea of a fairy Godmother is beautiful as they have kept it genderless. This version is called Fab G and it’s literally Fab. The fairy godmother was played by none other than Billy Porter. He is the first openly gay Black man to win a lead actor drama Emmy.

What was Missing?

We have seen several Cinderella movies in the past years. So there wasn’t anything too special done in this movie compared to the old ones. Expectations of how the ball would be were too high and didn’t reach there. The movie felt empty despite making so many changes in the original storyline. It lacks depth and it didn’t touch the audience enough. The movie and the performance felt flat and hollow.

Breaking Stereotypes

Ella chooses her dream and passion over marrying the Prince. And breaking fragile masculinity, Prince doesn’t take the throne and decides to travel the world with Ella fulfilling her dreams. Also, his sister who is extremely smart and intelligent takes over the throne by breaking the rules “Why only Men?”. Usually, stepsisters are shown as negative characters. But in this movie, there is no hate or jealousy between them, which makes it nontoxic. The character of the Fairy Godmother is called a Fabulous Godmother. This character is gender fluid which makes it even better. This movie has attempted to break many stereotypes and made the fairy tale better with twists. Even though Cinderella 2021 didn’t reach many of our expectations, it did bring the changes we all wanted.

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