Chhath Puja Food: Delicacies That You Can’t-Miss This Festive Season!

Chhath Puja Food

This year’s Chhath Puja event will take place from November 8 to 11. The festival, which begins six days after Diwali and is dedicated to the Sun god Lord Surya and his sister Shashthi Devi or Chhathi Maiya, is celebrated in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, and Jharkhand, as well as the southern part of Nepal. Moreover, Chhath Puja food is something that you simply can’t miss.

About Chhath Puja: The event is celebrated with great pomp and intensity over the course of four days, with the third day, which falls on November 10 this year, serving as the primary day. Fasting, standing in the holy river, and worshipping the setting and rising sun are all rituals that people participate in. Chhath Puja in Bihar is the most beautiful sight to witness after Diwali. 

Here are some of the most famous delicacies that are prepared during Chhath Puja. 

1. Thekua 

Thekua, the festival’s most famous Chhath Puja food, is a delicious dessert made with wheat flour, ghee, sugar, and dried fruits. The aforesaid ingredients are combined into a compact dough, which is then formed into small/medium tikkis and deep-fried in pure ghee.

Chhath Puja Food

2. Rasiyaw/Gur Ki Kheer

This dish is created with rice, jaggery, milk, and water and offered to Lord Surya on the second day of the celebration. It can also be topped with powdered cardamom and chopped dry fruits to add flavour. It’s served alongside wholewheat poori.

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3. Kasar Prasad

Kasar is a traditional Bihari dish served during the Chhath Puja holiday. The mix of powdered rice and jaggery keeps the body warm, thus it’s the best thing in the winter.

4. Ghiya and Rice

Devotees also eat bottle gourd sabzi and rice throughout the event. On a traditional clay chulha, the meal is cooked in pure ghee and rock salt (stove). Pakoras and even pooris are served with the dish. 

During the celebration, poori, as well as sabzis such as bottle gourd and hara chana, are made and consumed (green chana). Wheat flour dough is used to make the pooris, which are then fried in pure ghee.

5. Sanai Phool Ke Pakode 

Sanai Phool is the bloom of the jute plant and is widely available in areas where jute production is popular. These yellow flower buds are combined with a coarse mixture of garlic, green chillies, gramme flour, and spices to make crispy fritters and served in Chhath Puja food.

Chhath Puja Food

6. Belgrami

This delicious delicacy, also known as mukri, is created with milk solids (fine chena), sugar, and ghee. The key is to knead the chena until it is smooth before cutting it into pieces. After that, it’s cooked in sugar syrup until it gets a lovely golden colour.

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