BS Yediyurappa Resigns As CM: Who Will Be The Successor?

BS Yediyurappa

BS Yediyurappa, one of the most senior members of the Bhartiya Janata Party, resigns from his post of CM of Karnataka. The process of announcing the new CM of the state will most probably finish in the next 4-5 days, informed the Governor of the state, Thayurwarchand Gahlot. Additionally, Yediyurappa is one of the most loved Chief Ministers in Karnataka.

Besides, in the last few months, the BJP has changed 3 Chief Ministers in its different ruled states. Yediyurappa gave his resignation on 26th July, the day when he completed two years in the office for this tenure. Additionally, he said that the resignation was his decision, and there was no coercion from inside the party.

BS Yediyurappa

Moreover, there is no exact information on who will have the responsibilities of the state. The home, law, and parliamentary affairs minister under the Karnataka government, Basavaraj Bommai, said that BJP is a national party. And the decisions making process will take place at different levels.

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Yediyurappa, the 78-years old CM, had massive support from the Lingayat community of the state. And hence, his resignation could be a huge blow for the BJP in Karnataka, one of the only states from the south to have the government run by the BJP. BS Yediyurappa also gave an emotional and sentimental speech before resigning.

BS Yediyurappa: A Man Who Never Completed Any Full Tenure As CM

There is an interesting fact about all the tenures of the former Karnataka CM. He has given his resignation four times from the post of the Chief Minister. The reason behind these resignations is said to be different political hurdles.

On a recent update, a 35-years old man, who was a big fan of BS Yeddyurappa committed suicide. He could not bear his resignation. Additionally, he was also the head of the local unit of the BJP. He belonged to the Chamarajanagar district.

The BJP legislators from Karnataka will meet today at 7:30 pm to discuss the future of the state and its running.

Karnataka will have its next state elections in 2023. Hence, the challenges in front of the next Chief Minister will be immense. With just 21 months remaining in the next election, it will be interesting to find who gets the command of Karnataka.

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