Bridgerton Season 2: Fun Facts You Didn’t Know

Bridgerton Season 2

Bridgerton season 2 is here, with all the glitz and glam of an Almack’s quadrille. While the show’s Regency romance pedigree is still on full display, as it was throughout the show’s problematic first season, the tone of this season is much more subdued, far from the heady, hypersexual insanity that nearly overtook the show’s debutante season. 

Bridgerton season two, on the other hand, has gone in the opposite direction. As a result, aficionados of the original material may be disappointed with the season, which will certainly thrill both returning and new Bridgerton viewers.

Watch the trailer of Bridgerton season 2 here 👇 

However, there are a few fun facts about Bridgerton season 2 that you must know! 

1. 90 different costumes in 1 episode 😧

Bridgerton’s rich and classic clothes to relive the era of the London Regence, which constituted the story’s backdrop, were one of the things that drew the audience’s attention. 

For each episode of Bridgerton Season 2, the production team created at least 90 costumes. In reality, there are 146 costumes in the opening episode of this season. Prepare to be blown away by her enchanting clothes!

2. Anthony has a new look!

Anthony Bridgerton’s appearance in Bridgerton Season 2 differs from that of the previous season. Anthony’s sideburns were shaved off by showrunner Chris Van Dusen to symbolise that he was no longer the ‘party wild man’ of season one.

In this second season, he strives to put his best foot forward and looks for the appropriate companion for him.

3. Jewelled Dresses, whaaat?

Not only does Anthony and the Bridgerton family look magnificent, but the outfits worn by the other aristocracy will astound you. Philippa Featherington’s dress from the Diamond Party is one of them.

The costume crew employed almost 14,000 crystals in four different colours of gold to make the outfit.

4. Yes, a wardrobe malfunction as well

If your pants have ever ripped in public, or if you’ve gone out without realising your pants have a hole in them, you’ll understand the growing black hole of shame and embarrassment that wells up within you. 

A fencing scene with his onscreen brothers went wrong for British actor Jonathan Bailey, who plays Anthony Bridgerton, when his pants split.

5. Pretty less bold scenes 👀

This may seem paradoxical to Bridgerton’s romantic formula, especially since season one was deemed too sensual at times to watch with the family.

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Creator Chris Van Dusen, on the other hand, stated that “number was never an issue for us,” and that these intimate sequences are used to convey the story and move it ahead.

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