Brahmastra Facts: 5 Mind Blowing Details That Will Stun You!

Brahmastra Facts: 5 Mind Blowing Details That Will Stun You

The year’s most eagerly awaited movie, “Brahmastra,” has finally arrived and is blowing up the box office. The audience is really interested in the Astras universe. The first collaboration between Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor, the impressive CGI and VFX, the intriguing ensemble, and the prominent cameos all contribute to the film’s uniqueness. Do you know? There are many different Brahmastra facts that makes it special.

Here, we’ve compiled a few fascinating Brahmastra facts that helped the movie to distinguish it as a unique work of Indian cinema.

1. A lot of money is on stake!

The production is Karan Johar’s most expensive to date, but why only up till now? He won’t make such a costly investment now or in the future. Brahmastra, in Karan’s words, was a visionary undertaking that had to be carried out to the end. According to reports, the budget exceeded Rs 400 crores.

2. Dream turned into a Reality.

Brahmastra is the visual representation of the astral flashes in director Ayan Mukerji’s thoughts that date back to his early years. The superhero genre popularised by Marvel was not the inspiration for this realm. It also bears no resemblance to any Western sci-fi FX movies. 

The first indigenous supernatural fantasy spectcle in Indian film is Brahmastra. It is Ayan’s interpretation of the relationship between the known universe and its mysteries. It has just recently revealed to a small group of knowledgeable galactic beings. He has so far only ever shared this cosmos with his producer, Karan Johar.

3. It’s a trilogy!

The trilogy nature of “Brahmastra” is already confirmed by the film’s director Ayan Mukerji, and during a media appearance last year. Moreover, the actor revealed that Ayan has spent the previous six years working on the upcoming movie and will devote the next ten years of his life to this trilogy. “The audience will understand that the first section is not the end. Also, as an actor, that is incredibly exciting,” he declared.

4. Get ready to get some dose of SRK

Amitabh Bachchan, Mouni Roy, and Nagarjuna all have significant roles in the movie, besides Ranbir and Alia. However, Shah Rukh Khan has a cameo role, which has delighted his respective fan bases.

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5. VFX is on point!

A British-Indian special effects studio called DNEG created the movie’s visual effects. They have won seven Oscars for work on films like Dune (2020), Blade Runner 2049 (2017, tv series), Inception (2010), and the most recent Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power (2022). The fact that Brahmastra is DNEG’s first venture into India adds to the anticipation for the movie.

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