Body Detox: Why And How Is It Becoming A New Trend?

Not everyone can keep up with Healthy diet! But Everyone can do body detox once in a while.

body detox

We are what we eat. A healthy lifestyle goes in hand in hand with whatever we consume. However, having a good workout routine and eating healthy contributes 80% to your progress. Your food plays a tremendous role in your health. But that doesn’t mean we spend our 20s eating salads. How can we eat right? How energetic and agile you are after having your meal is an indication of how healthy your diet is. Ayurveda says “When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is correct, medicine is of no need “. Body detox is the solution for unhealthy diet.

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The only machine which works continuously without taking any kind of break is the human body. But why do we need to detoxify our bodies? Because of our lifestyle choices, toxins produced in our body are one of the reasons for high blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol. Detoxifying lights up our bodies physically and mentally. It cleans up your gut and helps in the absorption of nutrients better. Demand for anti-ageing creams and other products are increasing day by day. Everyone seeks a quick and easy way to have an everlasting young look. If looking and feeling young is the goal, body detox is the way to go.

How do you Detoxify Your body?

Know your body. There are hundreds of methods to detoxify one’s body. You need to find which suits you the best. Drinking the optimum amount of water will make drastic changes in your day-to-day life. The goal of Detoxifying is you must feel energetic and light but not hungry. These diets are recommended by Dhvani Shah who is a dietitian.

Juice diet

juice diet
Juice Diet

Starting with drinking juice which is also called body detox drinks, it’s better to use a juicer rather than a blender. Always use one fruit and one vegetable and avoid adding salt or sugar. Preferably have a glass of juice after you wake up. Every 2 hours drink a glass of juice freshly made, don’t refrigerate. If you are hungry, drink soup. Don’t break the diet. Do it once a week, you will see the change for yourself. No heavy exercise is recommended during this diet.


tea tox
Refreshing Tea Tox

When fresh fruit and vegetables are not available try tea-tox. Start your day with Tulsi tea or pepper tea for the first half of the day. Post lunch, have a lemongrass tree or mint tea. Floral tea is preferred after dinner. A ready tea bag is a go-to option. If not add the ingredients to green tea leaves, try adding rose petals to green tea, and the rose tea is ready. All this tea is strictly water-based only. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner must be eaten, preferably on a vegetarian diet. Drink the tea with a gap of 30 minutes. Do it for 10 days and you will notice the changes in your body. Cardio exercises are recommended during tea-tox.

Vegan Detox

Stick to a completely vegan diet. Grains, pulses, nuts, vegetables. Use only coconut oil rather than other oils in the market. Start your morning with fruit, fleshy fruit is recommended. Boil a spoon of cumin seeds in water for 1 minute and strain it. Drink this in the morning. Breakfast must be any rice-based item like idli or dosa. After two hours, drink pomegranate juice. For lunch use Barley based food. It might be roti or anything else you prefer. In the evening, have water-based fruits along with a few dry fruits. Have an early dinner, ideally before 7 pm. Eat lots of cooked vegetables for dinner. Follow this routine for a week.

detox juice
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Yogic Ways to Detoxify your Body

Nature is all about balance and maintenance. If junk in our body remains as it is, toxicity in the body increases which will cause harm in one way or another. Amidst busy schedules, lack of sleep, mental distress we often forget that our body needs care and attention. So we must regularly detoxify for the betterment of our health. Here are some tips by Dr Hansaji Yogendra.

Yogic ways To Body Detox

1. Vaman Dhauti: Take 3 glasses of lukewarm water. Add 3 spoons of salt and sodium bicarbonate. Sit in a squatting position and drink it sip by sip till you feel full. Suck your abdomen in and out 10 times. Take your fingers and rub them on your tongue to initiate the puking sensation. Vomit out. This will flush all out the toxins in your stomach. Do it after your bowels in the morning. This can be done once or twice a month.

2. Consume lime water every morning. It prevents kidney stones and clears all the toxins in the urine. Citric acid helps to keep particles from coming together to form stones.

3. Surya Namskar: Exercise and Food goes hand in hand. Surya Namaskar helps in the blood flow of your entire body. There is effective breathing taking place which clears up the lungs. As blood flow increases, it helps clear the blood vessels. Blood remains well oxygenated and remains free from toxins

4. Jal Neti: Take saline water from one nostril and close the other. Sniff the water in. It can come out from other nostrils or your mouth thus cleaning up the respiratory tract and do it with another nostril. Don’t do it with a blocked nose. Do it regularly. 

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