Best Pubs In Bangalore For Your Weekend Drinks

best pubs in Bangalore

Bangalore is proudly known as the ‘City of Pubs,’ and it can’t get enough pubs, breweries, and anything else related to beer. If you’re short on time and need to make a speedy decision, head to one of Bangalore’s most famous pubs. Bring on the beer and masala peanuts, from newcomers like Toit to old-timers like Vapour!

The scene at Brahma Brewery is all about a little old school jam, pints and towers of beers, and the normal chakna. Despite its dubious interiors, Toit is a top favourite due to its old school Bangalorean pub vibe and a wide range of drink alternatives.

#1 Toit

Toit is the baap of all the breweries and pubs in Bangalore! It is at the top of everyone’s list of the greatest pubs in Bangalore. Consider yourself lucky if you can get a seat here on a weekend because it is one of Bangalore’s busiest pubs. Their freshly made beers are a must-try, and they have effectively established themselves on India’s pub map. The Lamb, Fig, and Cheese Pizza, Baked Nachos, the Chocolate Flavored Beer,and the hearty Toit Steak are all worth trying.

#2 Vapour

Vapour, another pub-turned-brewery in Indiranagar’s ever-bustling and colourful neighborhood, has gained worldwide acclaim for its classic types of freshly produced beer. People come from all over the city to enjoy their lip-smacking home-brewed beer, but it’s their lively and exciting atmosphere that keeps them coming back. So, if you’re looking for a place to chow down on a pilsner and then dance the night away, Vapour is the place to be this Saturday night!

best pubs in Bangalore

#3 Brahma Brews 

Brahma Brews, near Hakuna Matata on 24th Main Road, is one of JP Nagar’s most prominent gastro pubs. The inside of the building is massive, with a couple of large huts where customers can sample brews and food while taking in the scenery. We sat in one of the first-floor huts, where we could see the whole place come to life! The music that is being performed here is just incredible.

#4 Byg Brewski 

Byg Brewski Brewing Company is a one-of-a-kind dining establishment that serves delectable cuisine, refreshing beverages, and a welcoming atmosphere to lift your spirits. This establishment looks magical in the nights, with its sophisticated decor and breathtakingly beautiful outside seats. It caters to all types of clients, with live music in the amphitheatre and live sports screenings, making everyone feel welcome.

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#5 Skyye Lounge 

Skyye, as the name implies, is a visually spectacular open area lounge with under-lit flooring that is one of the most lively bars in the city. It’s a party lover’s fantasy, with a high seating area, a round-shaped bar with unique lighting, and a dancing floor. This venue provides a variety of food events, karaoke nights, stand-up comedy shows, and other activities. Another highlight is the staff’s hospitality, which ensures that your evening is one to remember.

best pubs in Bangalore

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