Top 5 Best Novels To Understand LGBTQIA+ For All The Readers

Novels To Understand LGBTQIA+

Reading books and novels is an interest for many. While many others would not like to read, reading books takes one to places and helps understand things from different perspectives. Additionally, literature has always made us learn about social issues like LGBTQIA+, caste system, racism, and many others. Besides, there are some novels that help to understand LGBTQIA+.

Here, we will see some of the best books everyone should read to get an insight into the experiences of the LGBTQIA+ community and understand them. 

There is much literature, starting from the ones by Virginia Woolf to the ones by Ocean Vuong, which can assist the readers in getting an idea of what it is to be a part of the community.

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Some Novels To Understand LGBTQIA+

1. Less by Andrew Sean Greer

Novels To Understand LGBTQIA+

This beautiful book talks about love, discovering oneself, and travel. The Pulitzer award-winning novel for fiction, Less is a book that is a read for everyone. It covers the freedom of living for oneself and not caring about the outside world. Additionally, the book is also fun to read, with many heart-achingly beautiful moments in between.

2. On Earth, We Are Briefly Gorgeous by Ocean Vuong

Novels To Understand LGBTQIA+

Published in 2019, Ocean Vuong’s On Earth, We Are Briefly Gorgeous has become one of the most loved books. The book is about the letters from an immigrant son in America to his mother, who is left back in Vietnam. The book also traces love and queerness, and pain when the protagonist feels comfort and pleasure in another man. 

3. Under The Udala Trees by Chinelo Okparanta

Novels To Understand LGBTQIA+

Under The Udala Trees is a tale about a girl who comes to terms with her sexuality in Nigeria. It is a country with tired feet because of the wars that she has been fighting. Additionally, the book is a journey, more than the ending. Moreover, the novel is also about hope, how the world will come to accept love between two girls. Lastly, it is about love and how love always wins.

4. Edinburgh by Alexander Chee

Novels To Understand LGBTQIA+

Released in 2001, Edinburgh is a gorgeous novel that speaks the language of abuse and human emotions. The book is a delightful tale of never giving up, of falling in love after grief, and about sharing feelings, even after going through a lot more of thicks than thins. Alexander Chee, in the novel, also looks into how we can always choose to let go of our past and be there in the present moment.

5. Call Me By Your Name by Andre Aciman

A book that was made into an Oscar-nominated movie by the same name, Call Me By Your Name, is a novel that readers can never get enough of. The book is about two lovers, both male, and their story of falling in love and separation. It is pretty, may leave the readers teary and heart-aching at the same time. 

These are some of the best novels to understand LGBTQIA+ community from our side. Tell us about your favourite book about this topic.

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