Best Movies Of Mammootty That You Need To Watch Right Now

Best Movies of Mammootty

Mammootty, as a superstar, needs no introduction to the world. Having acted in over 400 movies, the actor is one of the most loved in all of the movie industries in the country. The veteran actor celebrated his 70th birthday on 7th September, and his fans are going gaga over it. Additionally, we all love Mammootty, and so here are five best movies of Mammootty you need to watch if you still haven’t. 

Some Of The Best Movies of Mammootty


Released in 1994, Vidheyan is one of the best movies of Mammootty. Furthermore, in the film, he plays an aggressive master who orders his loyal slave Thommy to kill his wife. In addition, he was awarded a National Award for his outstanding acting in the film. 

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This Malayalam movie was released way back in 1989. Mammootty portrays the role of a prisoner who falls in love with a female prisoner. In fact, Mammootty’s acting received praise worldwide, with Forbes ranking his performance in the “25 Greatest Acting Performances of Indian Cinema” list. Additionally, both the prisoners could not see each other in the movie as there was a massive wall separating them.


Another Malayalam movie, Aavanazhi, illustrates the social and political scenario during the ’80s and ’90s. Making its first release on the screens in 1986, the movie turned out to be the highest-grossing movie of the year, which is enough to tell the success of the same. In the film, Mammootty plays the role of a police officer in the movie who is not happy. Moreover, he gets into drinking, only to return to his job after the court punished a criminal he caught.

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar

As the film’s name suggests, Mammootty portrays himself as Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar, and what a fantastic performance from the superstar. Released in 2000, the movie showed how Ambedkar helped bring the oppressed class to a better position and supported them. Subsequently, Mammootty’s acting once again won the hearts of the people and the critics, as the actor won another Best Actor award in 1999.

New Delhi

At last, New Delhi is another movie that everyone likes. The movie is a Hindi film about crime and will make the audience feel the thrill. The 70-years young actor Mammootty played the role of a journalist in the film who is in jail illegally. Additionally, his acting as the journalist received great appreciation. 

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