Best Moments From The Office Which You Just Can’t Miss

The Office

“The Office” is one of the funniest series on television (if not the funniest). The classic NBC sitcom just gets better with time. Every scene from the show is comedy brilliance, from the antics of restless office workers to their out-of-control conduct in their personal life. While the raucous enjoyment never stops, several instances stick out as particularly humorous.

However, determining which of them should be considered for “the funniest” moment in the entire performance is difficult. Nonetheless, we’ve delved through the online archives of “Office” fans in search of the show’s most juicy, wittiest, most gut-busting moments. 

#1 When Toby Returned From Costa Rica

When Michael refuses to accept Toby has returned, Jim advises him to return to the annexe to double-check. When Michael does so, he discovers Toby in the flesh, despite his continued denial of the truth. The management is taken aback at first. Michael interrupts Toby’s greeting by shouting, “No! No! God! Please, God, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please!”

The Office

#2 When Jim’s Pranks Were Sequenced In A Row

Michael goes over a list of Jim’s previous transgressions. Crayons, everyone calling Dwight ‘Dwayne,’ framing Dwight for murder, witnessing Meredith ‘on the can,’ weighted phones, a Dwight-to-diapers macro, and rearranging desks are among the items on the list. 

#3 Where Are The Turtles?

When Dwight and Michael decide to give gift baskets to their potential clients to get more business, they fail miserably as the clients do not show any interest. Eventually, they fell off a lake and decided to go back again and collect their gift baskets. 

When Michal gets the gift basket, he notices that the chocolate Turtles have vanished and demands to know where they are. The client asks them to go, prompting Scott to exclaim, “Where are the turtles!” at the top of his lungs. “We’ll bill you,” Dwight says as he follows up. Priceless.

#4 It’s Peepa. 

When Jim tells Dwight that her daughter’s name is “Peepa,” instead of “Cece,” Dwight reacts in a fawning manner, adding, “Peepa is a fictional character. How is she doing?” Dwight follows up this awkward chat with the phrase, “We never were good at small talk, were we, Jim?” after they both reply “Great” and walk away for a while. 

The sequence is a fantastic homage to Jim’s ability to run laps around Dwight when he’s feeling frisky.

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The Office

#5 When Jim Dressed Like Dwight

Jim arrives at work dressed as one of his coworkers in the cold open. He’s dressed in a brown suit, a mustard-yellow shirt, a yellow tie, false glasses, a watch, a briefcase, and even a hair part that’s strangely symmetrical. 

Dwight initially gets irritated, but then tries to pass it off as flattering impersonation. Dwight goes on a rant about identity theft after Jim presents a bobblehead, before both employees storm off to their boss’s office, shouting “Michael!” with the same Dwight intonation.

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