Best Homegrown Indian Brands To Shop From!

Best Homegrown Indian Brands to Shop From!

Among our numerous goals for 2022 is to purchase more carefully. The past two years have taught us to calm down and consider what is truly important. We now prioritize locally manufactured, ethically and responsibly crafted clothing above uniform, mass-produced clothing thanks to the #VocalforLocal movement. 

Home to a number of new homegrown Indian brands and artists who place sustainability at the center of their work, India has numerous gifting brand options to choose from.

Here’s a list of a few of the best Indian homegrown brands

1. Alicia Souza 2023 Planner 

The Ultimate Planner 2022 has textured pages to prevent ink bleed, monthly mini wellness trackers, two pockets (front and back) to store notes, and much more. It is fabric-covered and gold-wire bound. Additionally, there are sites where you can list the year’s highlights and list the movies and books you’ve seen or read. Additionally, a 16-page sticker book is included. 

What would Alicia Souza merchandise be without her distinctive artwork?

2. Calendars by Bhuli 

Since 2017, Tanya Kotnala and Tanya Singh have produced limited-edition calendars to honor Indian arts and crafts. The topic for this year is Indian headgear. These are ornamental covers rather than merely fashion items, and they frequently express cultural identity, authority, prestige, position, spiritual beliefs, etc. “Hats and headgear convey ideas,” claims Kotnala. 

From the Himachali cap to the Chawi Lukhum Vakiria from Mizoram, each artwork has a brief description.

3. Packs from

With the use of its proprietary Flowercycling technology, Phool, an innovative new firm, has discovered a long-term solution to the “temple-waste” issue. 

Here, you may get incense cones and sticks in about 13 distinct flavours. The scents that Phool offers range from Indian rose to jasmine, orange, and loban. They also have a thorough guide to assist you in choosing the scent of your preference.

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4. Rage Coffee

The first coffee in the world to contain plant-based vitamins is this distinctive blend. It is prepared from beans grown in the Ethiopian city of Harar. Rage Coffee comes in tempting flavors like Vanilla Bubblegum and Sparky Orange and it’s the only brand that delivers sachet shots, liquid decoction, and cold-brew bags. It has become one of India’s preferred coffee choices, especially among gym rats and fitness aficionados. 

Additionally, they provide a wide variety of packages and combos that are ideal as presents.

5. Bombay Sweet Shop

In India, nothing is complete without a generous serving of mithai. The specially curated various sweet boxes from Bombay Sweet Shop let you send or bring some much-needed sweetness home.

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