Best covid proof places in India to travel this winter

covid proof places in india

We’ve been confined in our homes way too long now and as expected, people are putting their thinking prowess to good use. As is evident, Indians are taking their “much-needed” time off from solitary confinement to pick an unheard of, unseen spot on the map and escape for a fulfilling winter vacation, away from the mask mandates and the pressures of social distancing. Now that foreign vacay splurges seem to have been replaced with unconventional trips to hidden holiday gems within the country, we have 2 questions on our minds.

1.Which are the most beautiful, naturally abundant, winter getaways in India?

2.How can we be assured that other Covid rebels like us won’t get there first?

The sense of maturity felt by staying entirely indoors this pandemic is fading, so are there responsible ways & covid proof places to travel to this winter? Read ahead to find out 😉

#1 Rishikesh

Himachal & the surrounding states having lower than most COVID cases in the country, hence it’s no surprise that these gorgeous hilly destinations top this list & your insta feed.

Photo By : Amit.pratap1988 – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Situated on the banks of the Ganges and Himalayan foothills, the city is picturesque with the contrast of riverside beauty, stretches of greenery, and soothingly sunny clear blue skies in the months of October to February.

Travelling for trekking, camping, rafting, sightseeing, staying at a resort, or seeking spiritual awakening, Rishikesh provides all the options to choose from. So do check it out while making your winter plans!

#2 Manali

Another place favored by the young and the old alike for a vacation & being an aesthetic addition to your life (as well as social media posts) would be Manali.

Photo By Blvo – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Along with the fun activities & gorgeous spots that the movie Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani captures, the place is known for adventure sports and ancient heritages. Delve into river rafting, paragliding, camping, mountain biking, or trekking to get that adrenaline rush. Or perhaps mix it up with a few lazy mornings with your significant other spent in a hotel with gorgeous views & delicious food. Not to miss the grand religious & historical sites which the place has to offer, go exploring across the town to be amused & have a lifetime of memories.

Do explore the market for the signature singing bowl, woolen wear, Tibetian ornaments, prayer wheels, and much more while you’re there!

The untouched peaks of Himachal are your best bet for a safe Covid proof getaway.

#3 Goa

The pandemic hasn’t got much on India’s all-time favorite travel destination. The beaches, the parties, the ambiance, the food & the activities are endless and infamous. It caters to the needs of all sorts of groups, be it a family vacation, solo traveling, a college trip, or a couple’s getaway.

Photo by vinay kumar on Unsplash

The good news is that Goa is among the better-off states to visit amidst the pandemic, do remember to have your mask on and sanitizer handy at all times along with the sunscreen!

#4 Corbett

What is the safety concern with vacations right now? Crowds. So let’s go into the loving arms of nature instead!

Photo by Venkat Jay on Unsplash

Corbett National Park in Nainital is popular for its rich flora & fauna, especially the Royal Bengal Tigers. Being the oldest national park of the country, it is well developed into 6 different zones with each zone having its specialty. You can go observing exotic animals, enjoy birdwatching, take a break from city life in one of the resorts, and much more. Keep your senses sharp & camera lens ready as this place is sure to give you memories & pictures of a lifetime.

#5 Alibaug

A backyard weekend getaway for Mumbaikars, Alibaug has got sea forts to visit, beaches to have fun at, resorts to get rejuvenated in & loads of fun zones with activities for all age groups.

Photo by Sarfraz ali Shaikh on Unsplash

Local seafood of Alibaug is sure to have an addition to your list of favorites & make you look a few recipes up. The ambiance is maintained by the gorgeous resorts & clean beaches alike and a road trip or a ferry ride is recommended to reach the town.

So what is there to wait for? Make that WhatsApp group, get your close ones along & plan a great and safe vacation!

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