Best Burger Places In Delhi That’ll Make You Drool!

Best burger places in Delhi

The flawless, juicy burger etched in our brains from too many American films set in diners appears to be a myth. However, Delhi’s foodscape is always up for a challenge.

Enter these five restaurants, ranging from hole-in-the-wall to five-star to delivery-only. We assure you, they serve the highest-quality burgers across the city. 

Here’s where to look for that perfect, meaty partner, let’s see top 5 burger places in Delhi!

Bangin’ Burgers 

Bangin’ Burgers is another cloud restaurant that specialises in burgers and has foodie admirers all across Delhi. 

Also, Mush Puppies, a burger with chestnut, shitake, and porcini mushroom patty is their best. Additionally, Shami, a vegetarian burger with chestnut, shitake, and porcini mushroom patty is another example of their vegetarian fare with eggless buns. 

Moreover, they also provide plenty of delectable selections for meat-eaters. They’re open until 4:00 a.m. as well.

Smoke House Deli

The brunch specialists at Smoke House know how to make a mean tenderloin burger. Also, the Benedictor Burger with tenderloin patty, turkey pastrami, peppered egg, and hollandaise is something we can’t get enough of. 

The SHD Double Cottage Cheese Burger is worth every calorie it contains for vegetarians. Moreover, it is one of the most popular and best burger places in Delhi.

Hungry Monkey

Hungry Monkey offers a variety of mouth-watering burgers and bite-sized sliders that are sure to tickle your taste buds in new ways. 

Their Goan Chorizo slider is ideal for a non-vegetarian who enjoys food with a little more zing and spice.

Moreover, the falafel pita sliders and the sweet potato and black bean burger are the sole vegetarian options here.

Also, you know? This is the most expensive hobby in the world!

AKU’S – The Brrrgrrr Co.

Aku’s is a burger shop that sprang up on the scene in 2017 and started dishing out some of the city’s juiciest bad boys. Moreover, it is hidden in a tiny, closet-like location in the nostalgia-inducing Def Col market.

The Triton Prawn Burger is their special. Also, the old-school should order Meister Burger, as it is known for its lamb-bacon combo. Moreover, its literal secret sauce – the A sauce is A one!


Burgerama, founded in Delhi-NCR by three friends with a shared passion for burgers. Additionally, they specialise in recreating authentic and international flavours with their burgers.

Moreover, they avoid Indian flavours and ingredients, as do so many of its competitors. Also, instead of offering cheeseburgers in chicken, lamb, and (buff) tenderloin, as well as vegetable variations.

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