Beijing 2022: 5 Exciting Sports At The Beijing Winter Olympics This Year

Beijing 2022

At the opening ceremony on Friday, February 4 at Beijing’s Bird’s Nest national stadium, the 24th Winter Olympic Games , Beijing 2022 were declared open. 

While some events, such as curling doubles, began before the Beijing opening ceremony, many more are scheduled to begin in the coming two weeks. 

Dramatic sprints, athletic showdowns, and field sports are all featured in the Summer Olympic Games. Moreover, these are widely known and followed. 

But what sports are there in the Winter Olympic Games? 

Here’s a rundown of the snow and ice sports that will be featured at the Beijing 2022 Olympics, as well as an explanation of what each Winter Olympic sport entails.

1. Alpine Skiing 

Skiers from all around the world compete in 11 different events in the Winter Olympics, including five men’s and women’s ski events, as well as a mixed team event. 

Alpine skiing takes place on steep-inclined hills and mountains, with athletes achieving speeds of over 110 miles per hour in downhill and slalom competitions. Also, while manoeuvring jumps, corners, and bends.

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2. Biathlon 

Distances travelled, beginning procedures, the number of shooting stages, and penalties are all variables in the modern biathlon. In any case, the goal is to complete the cross-country portion of the race as rapidly as possible. Moreover, while completing the periodic shooting segments as swiftly — and precisely — as feasible.

3. Mixed Freestyle Ski Aerials 

Mixed freestyle ski aerials is also a new addition, with teams of three executing flips, spins. Also, other ski acrobatics (either two men and one woman, or two women and one man). The scores of teammates are plus together to determine the winner.

4. Cross-country Skiing 

Cross-country skiing is a type of skiing in which skiers navigate across snow-covered terrain. Also, using their own locomotion rather than ski lifts or other forms of help. Moreover, Cross-country skiing is a popular sport and leisure activity, but some people still utilise it for transportation. Cross-country skiing has evolved to adapt to a wide range of terrain, from unimproved, occasionally mountainous terrain to groomed courses created particularly for the activity.

5. Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is a contact winter team sport which involves ice skates on a rink. Moreover, with specific lines and markings for the event. Also, in ice hockey, two opposing teams control, advance, and shoot a closed, vulcanised rubber disc called a “puck” into the other team’s goal using ice hockey sticks.

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