Be Ready To Witness Real-Life Squid Game In Abu Dhabi

Real-life squid game

Since its release in September, Squid Game on Netflix, a South Korean survival drama television series, has taken the world by storm. And now, get ready to witness real-life squid game in Abu Dhabi.

The series follows 456 debt-ridden characters from many areas of life. In their quest to earn a 45.6 billion reward, they are invited to a tournament. Moreover, to play a set of children’s games with grave consequences if they lose. 

The last recent weeks, this show has received wonderful reviews. Also, it has become a pop-culture phenomenon, with memes, facts, references, and hypotheses circulating across all major social media platforms. 

In terms of commercial performance, the show has already established itself as one of Netflix’s most popular in a number of regional regions.

The show’s cornerstone is a dismal game-theme plot. It is combined with dramatic performances and significant characters, which garnered its millions of fans around the world. 

However, in the United Arab Emirates, fiction may not be too far from reality. Even if it is of a risk-free kind. 

According to rumours, fans of the popular series in Abu Dhabi, UAE, may be offered the opportunity to participate in a real-life ‘Squid Game’. However, without the violence and dangers. 

According to a storey in the Khaleej Times, the Korean Cultural Center in the UAE is organising its own version of the games. As shown in the series it will be of two teams with a total of 15 participants. 

The real-life squid game event will take place at the centre Abu Dhabi office on October 12.

Unlike the show’s massive prize pool, each winner in Abu Dhabi will get a pair of special green tracksuits.

According to reports, there is no involvement of prize money. The game will split into two sessions, each with its own tournament format. When a player eliminates, he or she will be able to sit on the sidelines. Moreover, they can watch the rest of the games. 

Another difference is that interested parties can apply to participate in the games by simply filling out a form. The form will contain three questions regarding the show’s essentials. 

According to Nam Chan-woo, director of the KCC, 338 participants have already registered for the tournament. By now, that number has most likely risen.

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